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My mission is to help you grow a real business that serves you (from anywhere in the world) by showing you how to get more traffic.



“What can I say? I get to make puppies all over the world happy. I had no idea whatsoever how to do that 2 years ago when I started off on this little adventure of mine. I went through a couple of your challenges and now I’ve suddenly become the ‘go to’ expert in my circles. Go figure. ”

–Jenna V, Gourmet Dog Treat-Maker
Perth, WA - Australia

“We were stuggling big time, until we stumbled across your blog Michelle. You give away more value for free than most people I’ve seen sell for inflated thousands of dollars. Just wanted to send you a big shout out. Keep up the good work.”

–Bobby & Tammy B, E-commerce Shop Owners
Cleveland, OH - USA

“You go above and beyond what you promise Michelle. My partner and I can’t thank you enough for all that you’ve made happen for our business. We do what we love and you and your traffic training are a BIG BIG part of how we’re able to keep on doing it.”

–Janis T., Collectibles Shop Owner
Sandiego, CA - USA

“My coaching business has taken off like a rocket ship, since I started following what you laid out in your course Ms. Shaeffer. Can’t thank you enough. Your style is sweet, your trainings are easy to digest and I love the kind of people you attract. FIRST CLASS ALL THE WAY AROUND!”

–Robert “Radar” H., Teen Life-Purpose Coach
Millarville AB - Canada

“What a wonderful experience we’ve had learning from you Michelle. Our abilty to reach an audience ten times bigger than we ever could have without the help of your tools and trainings is priceless!”

–Jone M. & Gale B., Date Night Cooking Instructors
Chicago, IL - USA

“@Michelle - thank you so much for helping me make a great living from my home, doing what I love. I see my kids all day (sometimes not paradise)... :-)

but I never miss a minute and I feel whole, like my Grandma and Princess Leia all roled up into one person.”

–Brenda M., Jam Berry Home Business Owner
Traverse City, MI - USA

No one stands alone. When you’re part of our community, you’re part of a symbiot-circle – an interconnected group of like-minded individuals who care deeply about helping others.


In my experience, 80% of success online is determined by one element. It’s what I call your “lingo dynamics”. This is the balance between the words you choose in your content and marketing messaging. That, coupled with how the words fit into the tactical beats, is what shapes how you and your business are perceived. Things like:

  • • Your “hook-lines” (headlines, titles and email subject lines)...
  • • Your “ledes” (The opening 100-400 words of any message/content)...
  • • Your body content (the rest of the words)...

Those things, and how they’re received, determine who notices you online and how many people you’re ultimately able to reach and help. In 2015, I received investor capital and began working on my Lingo Dynamics® tool-set. It’s powered by over 34,000 words, all rated, in 3 categories by thousands of real people, for how each word makes them feel. With this system in your toolbox, you never need to guess how people are going to feel about the words you use in your content and messaging.



In my upcoming book, “The Art of Actually Giving a Damn: Rise of the Empath Entrepreneur”, I share how to grow a successful business – from anywhere in the world — without letting go of who you are.

The “empath entrepreneur”, a.k.a. the “Give-a-Damner” is locked in a hidden battle against two other types of prolific entrepreneurs. Meet and fear the “sociopath entrepreneur” and the “narcissist entrepreneur”. Both live at the high-end of the personal charisma and manipulation spectrums. But both are low on empathy and ethical intuition. It's in these two areas that the Give-a-Damner thrives.

Through personal experience, compelling stories, and current research into empathy, intuition, and innate creativity, this manifesto will show you how to find and walk your path as an empath entrepreneur. It’ll also give you a heads up about what to expect along the way.

Click the button below to get notified of the book’s release. When you do, I’ll send you my free video, where I share key knowledge to help not only survive, but thrive as an empath entrepreneur.