Discover How to Leverage "Zero-Cost" Traffic....
Paid traffic can do wonders, once you wrap your mind around it. The biggest problem is, it’s risky (and really, really pricey), even for seasoned, paid ad experts. 

But everyone is talking about Facebook ads, LinkedIn ads, solo email advertisements, or Google ads... so what are the alternatives?
Let Me Share with You, A Special Kind of “Zero-Cost” Traffic
It’ll get the greatest number of the right people seeing your content and offers.

First, let’s talk about both of the 2 main types of zero-cost traffic:

1) Zero-cost “crowd” traffic
2) Zero-cost “influencer” traffic
The “Un-Smart” Traffic Everyone Focuses On
Most people focus on that first kind of zero-cost traffic, “crowd” traffic. They use it to try to get visitors to share their content and offers. 

Problem is, nearly everyone stops at just adding social share buttons to their pages.   And pretty much no one clicks them – not if adding them is the only thing you do.

The result?

Your content ends up lost in the sea of white noise online.

Maybe you get a few actual shares and a little traffic, but it’s mostly just you and the crickets.

(Poor crickets get such a bad rep thanks to this metaphor)

Fortunately, there are other ways to tap into the online “crowd”. One way is to use promotional networks like, or These sites reward users for sharing other people’s content. And they can work really well to get small to medium amounts of zero-cost traffic.
But what about that second kind of zero-cost traffic I mentioned?
Zero-Cost Influencer Traffic?

Pay close attention...

Because this kind of traffic can mean smooth sailing in your business, specifically for you as a Give-a-Damn-Preneur.

Let me explain...

Since just about everyone focuses on the “crowd traffic” I just talked about, that leaves an opening for you. See, hardly anyone bothers going after the solid-gold standard for zero-cost traffic. I’m talking about traffic from the influencers in your space.

This is where the absolute biggest waves of traffic can come from.

If people only knew how simple it is to get influencer traffic, they’d definitely think differently about it…
In 7 Super Secrets of Influencer Traffic...
I'll give you an exact framework that includes the 7 best ways to get yourself featured by (and associated with) the top influencers in your space. 

And that only, always leads to greater reach and a faster growing business for you! 

And 4 of these 7 ways don’t even require you to talk to anyone or ask for anything.

To illustrate the point...
Here’s a shot of my traffic going from crickets to a swarm of locusts.

(Ummm...OK, not the friendliest analogy, I guess!)

Point of the creepy locusts metaphor is, I got the attention of a single online influencer...

...without needing to talk to anyone.
Influencer Traffic Beats Them ALL
Suddenly, my phone started blowing up with alerts, as the traffic turned into more subscribers (then customers) in a single day than I got the 3 months before that.

Most people don't realize this, but influencer traffic is actually the best-performing traffic online – not paid traffic or crowd traffic. 

It converts better into subscribers and customers, because trust is being transferred from an influencer to you. And believe it or not, it can actually be the easiest of those 3 types of traffic to get.

So what are the best ways to get influencer traffic?  Find out in 7 Super Secrets of Influencer Traffic.
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