17 Ways Successful People Think Differently About Money

It was Einstein who said, “We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.”

One of the lessons I keep learning over and over in building a business is that we’ve got to constantly challenge ourselves to stop, look at our thoughts and our mindsets and be open to growth and change in the way we think and the way we view the world.

You can choose to see life as something that happens to you and is out of your control… or you can choose to take responsibility for creating the life you want.  It’s your decision.

With that in mind, here’s an infographic from MindValley about how successful people view money:


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  1. Love the graphic and all the right mindset. Focusing on these will reap rewards. Thanks!

  2. very nice, love the seventeen points you shared

  3. LOVE the simplicity of this post Michelle!

    I remember going to a T Harv event years ago. The event was, at the time, different to any event I’d been to…

    Amazing how time and perspective brings things full circle. Isn’t it?

    Great post!

  4. loved it Michelle!! Soo true as these are the principles I m working on myself right now and feels encourageing to read your post about it…I need to read that book “secrets of the millionaire mind” ???? thanks!

  5. This post is great! All of the points on the left is definitely what I focus on :D

  6. Hi Michelle,

    I really enjoyed this infographic. I am writing a book on ways successful people are different than unsuccessful people, and a big fan of T. Harv Eker. I read his Secrets of the Millionaire Mind book as well. Now, I am a fan of yours. :)

  7. All great points in this infographics. Thanks for sharing Michelle.

    I know I have a big problem with promoting myself. I just hate it without a real good reason. It’s probably the hardest thing in the list for me.

    I’ve gotten better at hearing and looking for feedback when it was one of my weakest point. I guess everything can be worked on and improved here :).

  8. I love the incredible power of mindset Michelle! Thanks for sharing this. Beautiful infographic too!

  9. Interesting ideas, and the process of unraveling thought processes is so helpful at times, provided you keep perspective and don’t over-think uncomplicated concepts.
    Thank you for the interesting information.

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