17 Things You Can Send Your Email Subscribers (that Aren’t a Newsletter)

Let’s face it.

Our subscribers don’t actually care so much what our “news” is every week… they care how we can help them and what problems we can solve.

How many “newsletters” do you actually pay attention to?

If I open your email newsletter… What will I learn?  How will it help me?

Does your email stand out in a sea of hundreds of competing emails?

Do something different!

Focus on the value you’re sharing with your subscribers.

With that in mind, here are 17 things you can send to your email subscribers that aren’t a (boring, blend in) newsletter.

1. Behind the Scenes

What’s happening behind the scenes with your business?  Why did you write that latest blog post?  What’s gone wrong or right, and how can your readers learn from that?

2. Freebies

How about a new PDF freebie?  A checklist… mindmap… resource list… ecourse… tutorial… there’s dozens and dozens of different ways you can create something your readers will love.

3. Exclusive Content

Send something to your subscribers that’s ONLY for them.  Not published elsewhere.  Do this frequently and you’ll find your open rates go up.

4. Blog Posts

Hit publish on a new post?  Send a short note to let your subscribers know.

Test out including the whole post vs. a little snippet vs. just an announcement and link.

Or, include “bonus” content in your email that’s not in the blog post – what do readers need to know first, or next, or in addition to what’s in the post?

5. Story

Share a story from your every day life.  Could be business related or personal.  Explain what you learned or discovered and how it applies to your readers.

We all love stories and it’s a great way to connect and teach.

6. Video

Let your subscribers know about your latest Facebook Live or YouTube video.  Why should they click over and hit play?

Include what inspired you to create the video.

7. Link Roundup

Ran across a few good links recently?  Why not share them in a roundup style email for your subscribers?

Share each link and why you’re recommending it for them.

8. Resource Review

What’s a tool, training or other resource you’ve found super helpful?  Write (or video) a review for your readers.  Show them how you’re using it, what your results have been, and how they can use it to.  (Great opportunity to share something you’re an affiliate for.)

9. Previews/Sneak Peeks

“Coming soon to a blog near you…”

Give your subscribers exclusive access to sneak peeks and early previews of what you’re working on.

Designing a new course?  Give them a one page PDF from it as a preview (this is a great way to let them know it’s coming, and get some testimonials on your content).

About to publish a new ebook, podcast, video or something else?  Share a snippet.

10. First to Know

Speaking of previews, are you making sure your subscribers are “first to know” about anything new or special in your universe?

Remember to always look for why it matters to them (not just why it matters for you).

11. Inspired By

What’s inspired you lately?  Share the inspiration!

From YouTube videos to stories to those real life moments… pass it along.

12. Case Study

How about a case study?

Create one based on your own journey or experiments…

Or your work with a recent client…

Or even someone famous who’s used a strategy you recommend…

Show the before, during (implementation), and after phases in your story.

And let subscribers know how they can achieve similar results/transformations, too.

13. Webinar or Training

Be sure to share any upcoming webinars or trainings you’re hosting with your subscribers.

You can also share webinars or trainings from other entrepreneurs or businesses that your subscribers would find useful.

14. “Dear You…”

Write your own version of “Dear Abby…” with questions that you frequently receive from your community or clients (or the questions you know they really should be asking you).

15. Trendspotting

What do you see happening in your space that you can give subscribers a heads up about?

What’s changing?

What’s working right now?

What’s not working that used to?

16. Recommended Learning

Read a good book?  Enrolled in a great training?

Share some recommended learning resources with your subscribers.

17. Not Alone

What are your subscribers struggling with or frustrated by?  What can you send them that will remind them they aren’t alone?

And there you have it.  17 things you can send your email subscribers, that aren’t a newsletter.

Now… go send something out!  ;)

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  1. You are absolutley right. I’ve got 60 on my store emial list and rarely sned anything out. Shopify has KIT which I just started using to send out a few emails.
    I have Giving Tuesdays discount code email ready to go, but I don’t know how to use Chimp Mail, yet. That is my goal for today.
    I love getting your emails and how to nicely “push” me where I am holding back learning to just learn to do something.
    You rock Michelle!

  2. Appreciate this list.

  3. SO helpful!! Thanks so much. It has made me realize I can start my list now even though I haven’t finished the ecourse yet or some of the other things I intended to do first,

  4. Thanks for this. Very interesting. I need to learn more to reach subscribers.

  5. Hello Michelle,

    Great tips over here :)

    These are some great tips and hot topics which we can add up in our emails. Something to offer to every kind of people
    which they want to get help on or are interested among.

    Topics like, Story, video, previews or sneak peeks they are always trending and hot. If we hit the road hard with a good
    relevant sources then its obvious that people would stay with us and they wont leave us in the middle.

    Thanks for the share.


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