25 Ways to Magically Transform Your Content to Reach More People

Are You Ready to Jumpstart Your Repurposing Brainstorming?

Here are some different content formats/ideas you can use.  Any content that you’ve got in one of these formats can be magically transformed into many of the others.

Written Content:

  • blog posts
  • guest blog posts
  • newsletter articles for your ezine or list
  • articles for reprint (like EzineArticles.com and WAHM-Articles.com)
  • FAQ page
  • customer welcome kit
  • instruction sheets
  • forum posts
  • autoresponder series
  • ebook (for sale or free)
  • short report (great for getting list opt-ins)
  • press release
  • interview

Video Content:

  • you tube video of you on camera presenting your content
  • you tube video of a slide show with narration
  • webinar based on the content

Audio Content:

  • audio blogs
  • teleseminars based on the content
  • short audio tip series (like an autoresponder but links to audio versions instead)

Social Networking Content:

  • Facebook fan page content
  • Facebook profile notes (if you use your profile for business & personal)
  • Tweets (turn it into a #hashtag tips series)
  • LinkedIn discussions

Image Content:

  • slide show
  • infographic

Am I missing something from this list?  What’s your favorite way to repurpose and get more mileage out of your content?

Photo credit: mzacha from morguefile.com

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  1. Hi Michelle
    Looks like a pretty comprehensive list to me.

    When you said “A Royal Challenge! ”
    I thought that you were going to say A Royal Wedding.

    If you do watch it, hope you enjoy it.
    Keith Davis recently posted… Keep it short- keep it sharpMy Profile

    1. LOL I wasn’t thinking of that particularly, but I do plan to watch. I need to see what time it is in my time zone. I’m fascinated by the royal family.

  2. http://www.newbielifeline.com/2011/04/google-analytics-surprise.html

    I am going to make several new videos on using Analytics and other Google Tools.

    Nice list! There is soooo much that can be done!
    Sheila Atwood recently posted… What The Heck Is That Post Doing In My AnalyticsMy Profile

  3. I’m especially interested in repurposing content into ebooks. What ebook formats do you think are most popular now, and are PDFs still on that list?

  4. I routinely prepare eMail responses to client’s queries. Oftentimes, these queries are more universal than one would think. With very little effort (sometime as simple as cut and paste), I can covert that eMail into a valid post.
    Roy A. Ackerman, PhD, EA recently posted… Risky BusinessMy Profile

  5. Hi Michelle

    Your post made me realise how easy it can be to repurpose content without doing a lot of work.

    My step-by-step tutorial about recycling empty plastic 2 liter bottles into spiral hanging decorations for a kid’s birthday party is one of my most popular posts.


    The tutorial has 13 photos and I plan to turn it into a slideshow soon and upload it to a few slide show sites like Slideshare.

    I will also upload the slideshow to authorSTREAM.com. They convert your slide show into
    mpeg 4 format that can be uploaded to YouTube as a video.

    myPlick.com turns the slide show into a .pdf file that I can then download to my computer and upload to sites where you can upload your .pdf files like Scribd.com

    Then I can turn this post into an article to submit to article directories because many of the sites where you upload your slide shows also convert it to text transcripts.

    With a little bit of time this very popular post can be easily repurposed into different content with minimum effort.

  6. I’m loving this challenge Michelle,
    I’ve got a blog post called ‘What is a Mumpreneur?’ – as well as it appearing on my blog, it’s also been featured as part of a blog carnival and it is soon to be featured in a kindle book. You’ve got me thinking about how to re-purpose it even more. I’m thinking of recording it to make into a podcast to put on my ‘about’ page or ‘home’ page ~ it will be a lovely way to introduce readers to my ethos. Here’s a link:
    Heather x

  7. Hi Michelle,
    You never stop inspiring me. This is just what i need with the blog challenge coming to a close.
    I have a blog post ’10 Success tips to help you grow your business’ this post generated some inspiring discussions on face book and good comments. I would like to make into a podcast form. I have never done podcast before so i will be learning and implimenting something new. Also i want to try write more content and produce an ebook though i have written an ebook with some of the Tips(30) under a different tittle hope it turns out well. and utimately i want to publish it in kindle. Will i be able to do this before May 5th? Lets see how it all goes.

    Pamela Evbota recently posted… “Do You Love Your Business”My Profile

  8. I’m re-purposing my blog series “Being Happy” into the freebie for my website. It will have additional content and put the whole series together for people to have as an easy reference :)
    Evie Burke recently posted… Your Inner Three Year OldMy Profile

  9. I’ve been thinking of putting my blog series ‘A week of Hats’ into an ebook. I also took some online patterns that I posted on Squidoo and transferred them to PDF format and uploaded to Scribd so now they are printable.
    Sara recently posted… Free Skull Cap PatternMy Profile

  10. Hi Michelle, I read your posts last week while I was working on my opt-in. I wanted to finish it up before sharing it with you. What I did to re-purpose my content is put together all that I had learned in the 31 Days Blog Challenge into a report called “From Blogging Skeptic to Fan in 31 Days”. I had written a post with that title and thought I would stick with that. The opt-in is finally up!!

    I acknowledged many people in that report and wanted to let you know that you are one of them together with Lisbeth. Thanks for always inspiring and supporting me!
    Diana Simon recently posted… Featuring Bloggers From My Blogging CommunitiesMy Profile

  11. This opportunity is a good start for me.l Love it.

  12. Here is my post: http://www.makingitallfit.com/what-is-your-weight-loss-type/.

    I made a video about different types of “DIEters”. I am in the process of creating a survey and going indepth on how to make your type work with you so you can be healthier and release weight for good!
    maureen wielansky recently posted… The Right Time to Work Out!My Profile

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