3 Sales-Killing Website Mistakes Work at Home Moms Make

When you design your first website, you’re so excited about your new online business and eager to get your website up and running.

But don’t let that enthusiasm mask these common sales-killing mistakes.

1. Poor Design Choices

I know, your new website is like your baby, and you’re proud of it.  That’s good.  But keep in mind the goal of your site and what you want visitors to focus on.  It’s all about your customers, not your artistic design.

Gigantic header graphics or intense backgrounds may be pretty but they take time to donwload and they take the focus off of your products or services.  Do you want your visitors “ooohing” and “aaaahing” over the pretty design or do you want them finding how you can help solve their problems if they purchase your products or services?

Your header image (also called a banner, logo–that graphic at the top of your page) or fancy background might be the coolest thing you’ve ever designed, but if it’s all visitors notice when they visit your site, then they’re focusing on the wrong thing.

If the images are large, they also probably take more than a few seconds to download.  Shoppers are impatient and won’t wait for intense graphics to load.  Also, be sure to optimize your graphics so they download quickly.

Scale back the graphics design and instead put your energy and personality into your product photography and copy writing.

2. Credibility Crushers

Your website needs to build credibility with visitors so they feel safe purchasing.

Is your website missing any of these very important elements?

* multiple methods of contact information
* clear policies (sales, return, privacy, etc)
* frequently asked questions
* proofread content free of spelling/grammar errors
* testimonials from customers or clients

Add contact information to every page.  Give customers multiple ways to contact you such as a web form, email address, physical mailing address, and social networking profile links.

Include easy to find, clear policy statements and a frequently asked questions page.  Visitors will feel more comfortable purchasing when they know what payments you accept, how you ship and when they can expect their order to arrive, and in what circumstances you allow refunds or exchanges.

Proofread your content carefully to eliminate spelling and grammar errors.

Offer testimonials from previous customers/clients sprinkled throughout your website.  Always include a name with a testimonial – full name if possible, or first name and location at least. You might also include a product or customer photo beside the testimonial.

3. Bigger is Better Syndrome

Owning a small business is nothing to be ashamed of! Don’t fall into thinking that big businesses are always the best and end up apologizing on your website for your limited quantities, handmade quality, or twice a week shipping schedule.  Never talk down about your products or services.  You can offer fantastic products and fabulous service to your customers. Do your absolute best and be confident in that.

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  1. I couldn’t agree more. A work at home mom could be selling a wonderful product/service, but if the visitor doesn’t feel safe, or has to wait for your overly-styled Website to load, the products/service just won’t sell.

  2. One of my favorite customer service quotes is “Our life is frittered away by detail. Simplify, simplify!” -HENRY DAVID THOREAU

  3. Thanks for the comments ladies! And I love that quote, Julie.

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