3 Steps to Creating Something to Celebrate

We’ve got just under a month before the end of 2011.

What’s left on your list of 2011 goals that you can still get done before the calendar flips into 2012?

Let’s get it done so we can celebrate at the end of the month!

Here are your three steps:

1) Write out the action steps you need to take to achieve the goal.

2) Assign a date to each step.

3) Get them done!

On my list — get that series of interviews with entrepreneurs up and running!  I’ve been planning it for a while but it kept getting moved down on the to do list.

So my action steps will be:

  • compile the questions I want to ask
  • create a web form to collect that info
  • proofread and test the web form
  • brainstorm a list of the entrepreneurs I’d like to feature
  • get in touch with them with an invitation
  • turn each submission into a blog post and schedule them
  • add it to my calendar in the future to continuing inviting and featuring entrepreneurs so the series keeps happening

Your turn! Did you choose a goal to go after yet?  Be sure to choose one that you can realistically achieve and that you’ve got the support you need as you work towards it.  (Step 1 on your list may be to grab an accountability buddy, mentor, coach, or an info product to guide you through it.)

If you’d like, you can post your goal in a comment below for some accountability.  Commit to it publicly and it’s more likely to get done.

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  1. OMG this is such a great idea! I have several things this will work for right now that I believe I can achieve getting done by the end of the month ;) This could work for anyone’s blog … I am working on a new project and blogsite that directly follows my spiritual path and I think this would be wonderful to do with some of the authors, blogger, biz owners who I feel could help benefit others. Would you mind if I borrowed your idea? Of course credit will be given ;) as always, I always consider you a mentor ;) even if you are 10 years my junior LOL (today I feel old, tomorrow is my youngest daughter’s birthday — she turns 18)
    Kimberly ~ Gypsy recently posted… Writing an “About” Page is Like Writing a Personals AdMy Profile

    1. Nah, you’re not old, Kimberly! But you do give me hope that I can survive the teen years with mine. ;)

      And feel free–happy to be an inspiration.
      Michelle Shaeffer recently posted… Don’t Miss These Great ReadsMy Profile

  2. Yeah, This year going to end and it’s time to complete your goal which you’ve thought with start of this year. Write down what goals are not completed and try to do that complete so that you can schedule new goals for new year.
    Aanchal recently posted… Web Design IndiaMy Profile

    1. Yep, it’s more fun to set new goals for 2012 instead of still working on our 2011 ones.
      Michelle Shaeffer recently posted… How to Boost Holiday Sales Even if You Don’t Sell FruitcakeMy Profile

  3. Your advice is simple and actionable. I like it. As I’ve heard said many times, “The plain thing is the main thing, and the main thing is the plain thing.”

  4. Great goals! I actually recently started a local business feature once a week on my personal blog, so I’ve been trying to stay on top of that. I guess my goal would be to continue with it and ensure that I’m meeting the deadlines I’ve set for myself!
    Andrea recently posted… Bad Monkey Productions | Local Wednesday | Lexington, KY PhotographerMy Profile

    1. Featuring other businesses is such fun isn’t it? Great goal!
      Michelle Shaeffer recently posted… Dissecting the Anatomy of the 1% of Blog Posts that are AwesomeMy Profile

  5. My goal is to start reading the newspaper/listening to the news each day. I keep finding that I’m missing out on what’s going on around me just because I don’t take a few moments out of my day to find out what’s going on! So, for the final days of 2011, that is my goal.
    Andi recently posted… 5 ways to turn visitors into customers by increasing your conversion rateMy Profile

  6. Ah, yes! Starting my “formal” gratitude journal. Ordered the nice ‘The Secret Gratitude Book’ so that it’s more special. I am getting it for my bday soon, I am so excited! So a few of the first steps are already done; it’s going to be so much easier to cross that item off my goals list for 2011!
    Thanks for giving me the opportunity to write it down one more time so that I know it’s happenning soon!

    Your goal sounds great, Michelle! Can’t wait to hear those interviews, will you be doing webinars? Keep us posted :)
    Delia recently posted… Spice up your Linkedin profile with a creative headlineMy Profile

    1. Sounds lovely, Delia. Journals are such a nice way to write out thoughts, brainstorm, or express gratitude.

      I’m planning to do the interviews via email so text, but I’ll have to consider webinars — that would be fun!
      Michelle Shaeffer recently posted… Don’t Miss These Great ReadsMy Profile

  7. Hi Michelle

    One of my goals was to have a serious sort out of my Twitter account and your course has already enabled me to do that, so thanks.

    I hope you’re having an awesome weekend

    Your friend across the pond

    David Verney recently posted… Four Tips to Increase Affiliate RevenueMy Profile

    1. Awesome! So glad to hear that, David. :)
      Michelle Shaeffer recently posted… 5 Ways to Make Your Site FlyMy Profile

  8. I really don’t care at this point about goals, I think I done enough this year, finished college and made more money then I initially planed. I all need is a vacation and this will finally come in the following days.
    I only need to relax and close up the year after I get back.
    As for 2012, well, let’s just say I have an endless list of plans.
    Cristian Balau recently posted… I will make 25 posts on your forum for $4My Profile

  9. I love your action steps … sometimes we have to let go of those who do no support our goals. Tough step to take, especially if it’s someone you care about.
    Adalia recently posted… Why are We Uncomfortable with Silence?My Profile

  10. Spot on – so important to set clear actions linked to our goals. In addition, I would add that it is important to make sure that the goals and action plans are linked to your ultimate vision of what you want to create to ensure you are on the path to what you ideally want to have happen. If we don’t do this we can end up being very productive but on goals that don’t move us closer to our vision.
    Ali Davies recently posted… Comment on Confessions of a Social Media Virgin! by Ali DaviesMy Profile

  11. Very motivating post, Michelle! As I read your post and the comments I realize that many of us share similar goals. Here are mine that are in writing so far. I’m being totally transparent for accountability.

    1) Launch an Expert Series of interviews. Some will be live, others pre-recorded to avoid scheduling conflicts. Already have five experts confirmed and will be contacting more entrepreneurs.
    2) Add some chapters to my current book on Kindle “Superior Customer Service for Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs” and convert it to a paperback book format. Publish using Create Space.
    3) My goal is to have a series of three books and for the second to be released by April or May.
    4) Reduce overwhelm by hiring a Virtual Assistant.
    5) Like Andrea I’ve started featuring one local business each month from my Chamber of Commerce on my business blog. My goal is to target local businesses that I’d like to work with and use that as a way to get my foot in the door, if they are not yet my clients.
    6) Complete training lesson for some of the tons of products I purchased this year. A 7th goal should be to purchase NO MORE products until I’ve completed learning from the ones I have.
    Yvonne A Jones recently posted… Local Business Marketing – MM Accounting & Consulting: Stuart, FloridaMy Profile

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