Sticky Fingers? Create a Valuable Blog Post in 15 Minutes or Less

angry business male mugshot I know, I know, your mother told you never to take credit for anyone else’s work.  And if you’ve had kids this decade you probably also have “Swiper, no swiping!” annoyingly stuck in your mind.

But there are situations where it’s not only totally cool to swipe work but encouraged!

With a little bit of smart “sticky fingers” from these acceptable sources, you can create valuable blog content for your readers in 15 minutes or less–and no cops waiting for you afterwards, just so long as you always give credit.

Swipe Your Own Content

What do you already have that you can use as a blog post, or turn into a post with some editing?  Start your search one of these places…

Written Content:

  • newsletter articles for your ezine or list
  • articles for reprint you’ve shared on other sites
  • your FAQ page
  • customer welcome kit
  • instruction sheets
  • forum posts
  • autoresponder series
  • ebook (for sale or free)
  • short report (great for getting list opt-ins)
  • press release
  • interview

Video Content:

  • you tube videos of you on camera
  • you tube video of a slide show with narration
  • webinars of your content

Audio Content:

  • audio blogs
  • teleseminars
  • short audio tip series

Social Networking Content:

  • Facebook fan page content
  • Facebook profile notes
  • Tweets
  • LinkedIn discussions

Image Content:

  • slide shows
  • infographics

Swipe Someone Else’s Content

Only swipe content from others with permission.  But lots of people have given permission for their content to be shared.  And they WANT you to swipe it and republish.

How about one these content sources?

YouTube or TED Talks

Lots of great videos worth sharing are waiting on YouTube and TedTalks.  Choose one that your readers would find value in and share it along with a few of your own thoughts.

Ezine Articles

One of my favorite strategies is to search sites like for topics or people I’d love to feature on my blog.

Just go search for your topic and you’ll find lots of possible blog posts just waiting for you to share.  Step by step this is how  I do it (with screenshots of what you’re looking for).

Infographics and Visuals

You can embed infographics from sites like or AllTop, or find slideshows to share at SlideShare.

Now, go swipe something!

Have you used any of these strategies to publish content faster?  What works for you?

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  1. I just ran across this very problem this weekend when I was so busy I couldn’t post regularly, so now I’m 2 posts behind. Just wrote one and will have to write a second one this afternoon so tomorrow I’m all caught up. So this sticky fingers technique is a great one – to be taken only in times of emergency like I had this weekend, which I hope won’t be repeated any time soon.
    Marika recently posted… Things That Turn You Off In A BookMy Profile

  2. One of the obstacles to even starting a blog was this very fear – not having enough good content for my niche. Your list is great. Another thing that helps me is to screen capture once in awhile while I am working (I work as web designer and that’s what I blog about, so that works). As soon as I run into a problem I think others might encounter, I capture something about it. Then review them later to write about.
    Jen Anderson recently posted… The Wonder of Web DesignMy Profile

  3. Michelle,
    I’m so glad you shared this today. Posting every day for 30 days is totally fun! But I have to say there are days when I’m so crazy busy that it can be a bit of a challenge, so thank you for giving me permission to be Miss sticky fingers. :)

    Thanks also for ALL your great content!
    Patti Rose
    The Money Coach

  4. When I am reading other’ blog, I usually get an idea that someone else did not point out. If I have to use someone else’s info I always add a link to their blog or idea. Usually people don’t get upset with using content as long as you give them the credit!
    Sara recently posted… I’d rather be…My Profile

  5. Hi Michelle,

    These are great content creation sources. Thanks for taking your time sharing this valuable post that many can take advantage of
    Okto recently posted… Choosing the Best Free Blog Template for BusinessMy Profile

  6. Great ideas, Michelle!
    Lately I’ve been providing a short tip in my weekly email and then developed it in a video or a written blog post the following week. It works great to keep me focused on the same idea and gives me more time to work on other tasks.
    Delia recently posted… You asked: I am just starting with Twitter, how can I get followers?My Profile

  7. As usual a most informative post.

    I watched Oprah’s Own Channel today and I had an AHA moment, she’s re-purposing a lot of content from her 25 years of being on television. She has “where are they now” (brilliant) and a lot of other re-purposed content.

    3 years ago I would not have paid attention to that because I just learned about re-purposing content from being on the internet.

    I’m never at a loss for content, just the time to do all that my chattering mind wants me to do. FOCUS! FOCUS! , for me, is the key.
    Adalia John recently posted… A Lesson In Persistence From the Bamboo TreeMy Profile

  8. HI Michelle,

    I’m always looking for ways to create better content faster. Thanks for tips and links under ‘Info-graphics and Visuals’. I will definitely be using on my ‘writers block’ days.

    Naomi recently posted… 7 Easy Ways to Think Creatively for Your BusinessMy Profile

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