30 Day Blog Challenge – Join Me?

And it begins!  Today is the first day of the 30 Day Blog Challenge.  If you’ve got a blog for your small business, would you like to join me?  You can sign up at http://jeanettecates.com/30days/

My goal for the month of June is 30 blog posts.  Since I’m already attempting Ezine Articles Hundred Articles in a Hundred Days Challenge, it seemed like perfect timing to do the blog challenge, too.

If you aren’t up for a 100 articles, the 30 Day Blogging Challenge is a fantastic goal.  If you do sign up, post a comment below so I can watch for your blog posts and we can encourage each other.  :)

Or, if you’ve got an idea for a blog post or topic you’d like to see me write about, please do leave me a comment and with 30 blog posts to come up with (and about 70 more articles to write) I’m very likely to take your suggestion!

Sign up for the blog by email and you won’t miss any posts (it’s over there on the right side of the page, just enter your email address and click the button).  Or come “like” me on Facebook where my blog posts show up on my fan page.

And now… off to brainstorm what I’ll be writing about so I can share lots of helpful tips and ideas with you this month on the blog.

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  1. Hey Michelle, I am so excited about this challenge. The funny thing is my first post is about it being the first day of the challenge as well. http://decisiveminds.com/30-day-blog-post-challenge-starts-today/439 I know this will be great for web traffic as well as letting everyone see all the amazing information you have. Oh and I love the new website lay out and design! Great job! Michele
    .-= Michele Scism’s last blog ..30 Day Blog Post Challenge Starts Today! =-.

  2. Michelle –

    Good for you! While I’m not participating in the challenge this time, I think it’s a fabulous idea and I look forward to seeing lots of blog posts from you in my RSS feed! I am trying to blog more and write more articles as well. Hmm… maybe I should join the challenge? Talk about great accountability!

    Agree with Michele, love the look of your site! Great job!


  3. Thanks Ladies. :)

    @Rebekah, go for it! If you need blog post ideas I’ve got all sorts of questions about membership sites… lol

  4. While my blog isn’t a small business blog, I am doing this challenge. I hope that it inspires me to post more regularlly on my blog(s) and keep up the momentum after the challenge is over.

    Looking forward to learning lots of goodies from you, Michelle ;-)

  5. I love your blog, Amy. :) Can’t beat photos of happy kids with chickens. LOL Plus, I love School House Rock!

    It really helps to have that extra bit of motivation/accountability when getting started with a new habit (or making a good habit happen more regularly).

  6. Hi Michelle,
    You have an awesome site here! I am really excited to see what you post for the challenge!
    .-= Jaime’s last blog ..Mommytime… =-.

  7. Thanks Jaime! Off to check out your blog… :)

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