Playing the Money Game – 40 Creative Ways to Fund Your Home Business

Thanks to the internet, it’s possible to start a business of your own on a shoestring budget.

But as you start to grow your business… and realize you want a bit of support and guidance to help you figure it out… you need more than that shoestring.

One of the questions I frequently get from readers is:

“I really want to invest in (insert a training or program or coach here) because I know it’d help me grow my business… but I don’t have the money right now.”

Let me help.

If you wait until the money magically appears… it won’t.

You want something?  Make it happen!

We aren’t always taught how to get creative – but let’s do that, and find ways to “create” the finances to get what you need to grow your business.

The question isn’t, do you have the money.  It’s how bad do you want the result?

Here are 40 ways you can get money to start or grow the business you want…

25 Ways to Earn More Money

The only thing you need to do to make money is deliver value by connecting a person with a problem, with the solution.  You don’t have to BE the solution, just KNOW the solution.  It may be something they want to buy that you can sell.  It may be a service or task you can perform.

Allow yourself to get creative and see it as a fun experiment – just how much money could you generate if you changed your perspective a bit?

  1. Craigslist – What can you list on craigslist?  Check your garage, attic or basement.  Look around and find areas you can simplify and pass useful items on to their next happy owner.
  2. Yard Sale – Is it time for a serious decluttering?  A yard sale can be a fun family day and a way to create a few hundred dollars, or more.
  3. Pawn Shop – What’s laying around that you could take to a pawn shop?  Old electronics, movies, video games, jewelry, all sorts of items can be pawned for cash.
  4. eBay – Sell items without leaving home.  Everyone’s got a few more items than they really need…
  5. Amazon – Check into the Fulfilled by Amazon program where you can list and sell items directly on Amazon.
  6. Fiverr – Post a Fiverr gig!  There are gigs for everything under the sun – from services like research or proofreading or writing, to crazy things like prank calls, holding funny signs, birthday signing telegrams via the internet, and more.  My 12 year old started her own Fiverr shop and made over $100 in a month, in her spare time after school.
  7. UpWork – Bid for jobs and get work through the UpWork system.  If you’ve got a smart approach (write a solid profile, take some of their tests, and bid on projects that are worth your time), you can make a nice hourly income here.
  8. TaskRabbit – Odd jobs can pay well.  What miscellaneous tasks are you up for?
  9. Uber or Lyft – Got transportation?  Try driving for Uber or Lyft to make some extra cash.
  10. Air B&B – An extra bedroom, or even a couch, can be an income-generator with Air B&B.
  11. Consulting Services – What’s your talent?  Who’s got questions about it?  List yourself on a site like and then reach out and invite people to connect with you for a consultation call.
  12. Tutoring – What’s your skillset? Can you offer tutoring via Skype video?
  13. Moving Help – Take a quick look through Craigslist and there are almost always people looking for moving help.  If you can lift a couch and/or you’ve got a truck, you can make some quick cash.
  14. Lawn Care – Teenagers aren’t the only ones who can make money mowing lawns.  How bad do you want to fund your dream business?
  15. Housekeeping – From regular weekly cleaning to move-in, move-out services, there are lots of ways to make money with housekeeping services.
  16. Loan from Friends/Family – Be careful with this one, but sometimes it can be a possibility.  Have a clear agreement if you decide to do it and commit to yourself that you will pay it back exactly as agreed.
  17. PayPal Credit – PayPal offers a quick application system for their PayPal credit offer.
  18. Online Surveys – Sites like SwagBucks, InboxDollars, ProOpinion, Pincecone, and SurveyJunkie will pay you to do online surveys.  It’s a few bucks at a time, but it can add up.
  19. Barter or Negotiate – Get creative. Offer to barter or negotiate for what you want. How can you create a win-win idea?
  20. Part Time Job – Nothing wrong with funding your business by getting a part time job for a while as you build it.
  21. Affiliate Offers – You don’t have to have a blog with lots of traffic or a giant mailing list to offer affiliate products. Find an offer you feel good about sharing and reach out to people you know directly.
  22. Start an Etsy Shop – What can you make?  Are you a crafter, seamstress, painter… lots of ways to use your craftiness to make money on Etsy.  Browse a bit and see what inspires you.
  23. Get a New Client – Simple but effective.  Go find a new client with the intent that their payment will be specifically for investing back into your business.
  24. Mechanical Turk – Complete tasks that require humans and can’t be fully automated.  You get paid per completed task.
  25. Ask, Ask, Ask – start more conversations and be bold, just keeping asking what the person you’re talking to needs and how you can be of service.

15 Ideas to Save More Money

Spend wisely, cut where you can, and the income you’ve already got can be redirected as an investment in your business.

That’s a much smarter “I’m CEO of my business and my life!” move than the 500+ channel satellite TV plan that sucks your time and isn’t going to pay you back.

It’s okay if you’re in a cash crunch right now, and you need these strategies, but it’s not okay if you stay there, because you’ve got the power to change it!

  1. Cancel the cable, and any other services you could live without (get Netflix).
  2. Skip the weekly takeout or delivery pizza.
  3. Cut back on Starbucks.
  4. Review your subscriptions, memberships, and any recurring bills (almost everyone can cancel a few things and find $20 – $500/month in savings here).
  5. Creative entertainment – instead of a night out to dinner and a movie (easily $50-$100+ depending on family size) do a popcorn and board games night.
  6. Get healthier – drink more water and eat less prepackaged convenience foods.
  7. Reduce your expenses – you’ve got a monthly bill for power, so look at ways to reduce it (LED lights, programmable thermostats, etc)
  8. Cancel club memberships – are you using the gym or club membership you’ve got? Cancel it, or look for a better deal. If you give them a call and let them know you want to cancel, most will negotiate and you can save money.
  9. Buy used instead of new.
  10. Cook at home – plan your meals, use a crockpot and cook a few ahead to put in the freezer so you aren’t tempted last minute to grab takeout.
  11. Pack your own lunch instead of dining out.
  12. Swap paid events for free events – visit a park, take a hike, go sight seeing, there are probably dozens of things to do in your area that you haven’t explored yet.  Click here for more than 100 free things to do.
  13. Do it yourself – do your own nails, your hair, your kids hair… look for ways you can cut the budget.
  14. Ask the family to chip in – make it a game, if the electric bill goes down by $x, there will be a family pizza night to celebrate. Watch how fast those kids actually remember to flip off the lights and TVs, and choose a sweater over turning up the heat.
  15. Google – keep looking for ways to cut the budget so you can invest in your business. Here’s a great place to start for more ideas.

But always keep in mind – these steps are temporary!

Your goal is to build a business that frees you from money worries and allows you to order the Chinese takeout you want for dinner, to go on that family vacation you’ve been dreaming of, and to buy the damn Jimmy Choo shoes you’ve been drooling over.

So make the little sacrifices you need to, and do what you have to do, until you can do what you want to do.

And, just in case the above weren’t enough ideas, here’s an infographic for you with 200 more!

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  1. Hey Michelle,

    These 40 are really sounds amazing ways to fund our home business. For better saving first of all we need to use our revenue very carefully, if it required then only – try to spend, in this way we can also fund more to our home businesses. You have explored these ideas in very geniusly and they are appreciable. Thanks for sharing.

    With best wishes,

    Amar kumar
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  2. Being new to the blogging world I feel like there is still so much to learn. Your tips helped to clarify a few things for me as well as giving..
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  3. Thanks, Michelle: Some terrific ideas here. Catharine

  4. Indeed everybody wants to start their own business But after the business has been set it needs some fund as the business grows. And all the above tips are really helpful to collect the fund.

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