41 Clever, Fun Ways to Grow Your Business Quicker & Easier

Stop marketing on your own – and start using collaborative, cross-promotional strategies that’ll help you reach a wider audience and grow your business faster.

Below you’ll find dozens of cross-promotional strategies that you can consider.

These are simply ideas to help you get creative and find fun and effective ways to promote collaboratively.

  1. Emails to Your List: Send an email to your list sharing the person’s freebie or offer
  2. Social Media Sharing: Share each others posts on social media sites (tag each other, too!) – and, setup auto rss sharing for even easier cross promotions
  3. Joint Event: Hold a joint event – virtual, in person, get creative
  4. Referral Bonus: Offer a referral bonus to any partners who send clients your way (always ask clients how they found you)
  5. Coupon Code: Create a special coupon code for your promotional partner to share so their audience gets a special deal
  6. Free Gift (PDF, etc): Allow others to share a free gift from you – a checklist, ebook, or other pdf freebie (build your list)
  7. Strategy Session: Gift a strategy session to people referred by your partners
  8. Guest Blog Post: Publish a guest blog post from your partner
  9. Podcast Interview: Interview your promo partner on your podcast
  10. YouTube Live Interview: Host a YouTube live interview with your promo partner
  11. FB Live Interview: Host a FB live interview with your promo partner
  12. Co-Host Webinar: Co-host a promotional webinar that leads to an offer for your promo partner, and vice versa
  13. Personal Emails/Referrals: Think who you personally know that could benefit from what your promo partner offers, and reach out personally
  14. Articles: Publish an article from your promo partner – you can publish to your website, social media, or send in an email to your list
  15. Bonus for Clients: Offer a gift/bonus of some sort that your promo partner can give to their own clients as a bonus
  16. Co-Registration: Test out a co-registration strategy and build your mailing lists faster
  17. Thank You Page Gifts: On your thank you page, feature your promotional partner’s gift, and vice versa
  18. Collaborative Events: Create a collaborative event like a giveaway or challenge together with your promo partner
  19. VIP Networking Party: Host a networking party together (virtual or in person)
  20. Events: Speak, sponsor, attend, connect with events your promo partner is hosting
  21. Testimonial: Record/write a testimonial for each other (after working together or experiencing what they do, of course!)
  22. Review: Write a review of your partners program/product/offer
  23. Affiliate Promotions: Sign up as an affiliate for your partner and promote them
  24. Membership Content: If either of you have a membership site – create content together!
  25. Telesummit/Websummit: Host a telesummit or websummit and include your promotional partner(s)

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  26. Virtual Series: Design a series you can share – blog posts, podcasts, interviews, etc – and include your promotional partner(s)
  27. Ask Who Else: Ask each other who else you know that shares the same ideal client and could collaborate with you
  28. Email Signatures: Promote each other in your email signatures
  29. Case Study: Does your promo partner use any of the strategies you teach? Create a case study to show how it works
  30. Swap Business Cards: Hand out each other’s business cards at brick and mortar locations or at events
  31. Receipts: Include your promo partner’s info on a receipt (printed or virtual)
  32. Introductions: Who do you know, that knows a group of your partner’s ideal clients? Make the introduction/connection!
  33. Share Flyers: If you have an in person location – share your promo partners flyers – drop them into bags or hang one up
  34. Giveaway/Contest: Hold a giveaway or content with your promo partners product/services as a prize for one winner, and vice versa
  35. Quotes: Look for opportunities in articles, blog posts, or emails to quote your promo partners (and link to them)
  36. Roundups: Create a “top 10” roundup blog post or article where you can feature one or more of your promo partners
  37. Collaborative eBook/PDF: Coordinate a collaborative PDF – ebook, checklist, etc – where you can feature promo partners and then all use the PDF to build your lists and get exposure
  38. Cross-Link for SEO/Traffic: Look for places you can link to your promo partners website, and vice versa
  39. Comment and Share Blog Posts: Comment on and share each other’s blog posts
  40. Retargeting Ad Campaigns: Retarget each other’s audiences for FB or other ads (be sure your privacy policy discloses this if you do – it’s a bit of an advanced/technical strategy)
  41. Printable Gift Certificate: Give your promo partner a printable gift certificate ($x off, x% off, free bonus with purchase, etc) they can use for in-person referrals, and vice versa (or send an email to your buyers after their purchase, with a digital % off)

Thinking more creatively now?

There are so many options for cross-promotions.

Now… who can YOU reach out to, today, to get at least one of these ideas working for your business?

P.S.  Share this article to spread the idea – we all win bigger, together!

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  1. Hi Michelle,
    I think these will be really great to implement, will share them with a colleague and see if she wants to team up together. I especially liked the idea about printable discounts on our books.

  2. Thanks for sharing, will truly apply this tips at work.
    Mike Marko recently posted… 5 Remarkable Digital Marketing LinkedIn ProfilesMy Profile

  3. Good list indeed. Here few are traditional like article, guest posting etc. and few are really modern and effective. Among these Facebook and YouTube live Q&A sessions worked very good for us. Being a Digital Marketing trainer, I use to host Q&A sessions publicly online, and trust me, if you want to build reputation, brand, authority these Q&A sessions are great. Even topical podcasting also got us good results. We never collaborated or co-hosted these but this is a really good idea to expand the reach and trust.
    Soumya Roy recently posted… Digital Marketing Training in Kolkata, Internet Marketing Course Kolkata – PromozSEOMy Profile

  4. Awesome ideas. Thanks for sharing!

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