5 1/2 Reasons to Jump Into the Ultimate Blog Challenge

NoteToSelf Why do I keep hosting and participating in the Ultimate Blog Challenge every quarter?

There’s the BIG, the obvious reason…

Hello, co-host here!  I’d better set an example and show you this can be done and gets awesome results.  ;)

But since you aren’t the co-host, why should YOU jump in and give it shot?

5.  Connect with a Great Community

My favorite part of running this challenge repeatedly is the awesome, energetic community around it.  There’s such value in connecting with like minded people who are going through a challenge together.

Through the Facebook group and other social networks you can share your challenges and get support, reach out and help others, and work together.

Every challenge I get emails from participants sharing with me that they’ve…

  • found a new client (or two or three)
  • discovered the perfect coach, VA, or other service provider
  • connected with a blog to guest post
  • hosted guest posts that helped them get their blog noticed
  • create a cool connection with their next JV or promotional partner
  • gained lots of new followers on social networks
  • built their subscriber list with new people who visited their blog
  • and more!

4.  Practice Consistently Promoting Your Posts

We’ll remind you every single day during October to post and SHARE your post.  Create a powerful habit and get consistent with getting the word out about the posts you’re writing.

How to Tweet with #BlogBoost
* Share your latest post title, link, and add the hashtag #blogboost
* Here’s a step by step video: http://youtu.be/9iSK9qWRDJM
* Use TweetChat to interact with other bloggers: http://tweetchat.com/room/blogboost

How to Share in the Facebook Group
* Request membership at http://www.facebook.com/groups/145699118798274/
* We’ll get you approved as fast as we can :)
* Come share a link to your latest posts!
* Read, comment and share other posts in the group

How to Share in the G+ Group
* Request membership at https://plus.google.com/communities/117634345356127153647
* We’ll get you approved as fast as we can :)
* Come share a link to your latest posts!
* Read, comment and share other posts in the group

How to Share on Pinterest
* “Pin” your blog post on one of your boards and include #blogboost in the description
* Search #blogboost to repin and visit other bloggers in the challenge

3.  Build Relationships in the Blogging World

One of the cool things about participating in a challenge this BIG (we have over 1,000 bloggers signed up for most challenges this year and nearly 4,000 are members of the Facebook group) is that because there’s such a variety of bloggers participating, YOU need to flex your “smart choices” muscles and seek out the right ones to connect with.

How?  Just scan through the posts on the social networks and find the bloggers who are writing about topics similar to yours or whose topics complement yours.  Then make an effort – post a comment on their blog, share it, and follow them on the social networks.  Look for opportunities to guest post or host a guest post.  Think JVs.  How can you collaborate for a win-win-win?

2.  Get 100+ Creative Blogging Ideas

Every day we send out blogging prompts that range from traditional to out-of-the-box creative.  Save the daily emails and you’ll never be at a loss for what to write about again.

These ideas will also help get you thinking about how to find inspiration for your blog posts and how to create content that’s useful for your readers.

1.  Create Lots of Content

A post every day is the goal, but whether you hit 31 or not, you’ll have more content than you had before!

What can you do with that content beyond your blog?

  • Compile it into a book or ebook (here are 7 reasons you should have your own book)
  • Use quotes from your posts to create cool quote graphics (how to do it)
  • Create a new free gift to share to build your list (this freebie was originally a blog post)
  • Have great info to share on the social networks
  • Repurpose it into articles for reprint
  • Use it in your ezine or newsletter
  • Send links to clients when you write about a topic they’ve asked about – they’ll appreciate your thoughtfulness
  • Turn it into a teleseminar or webinar training
  • Use it to inspire your next YouTube video or podcast episode

Oh, and the half reason?  Because all the cool kids are doing it.  ;)

Are you in?  We’re kicking off today, October 1st, 2013.
Join us at www.ultimateblogchallenge.com

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  1. For me, by participating in this challenge I wish that I can have good habit in blogging and I can learn from other bloggers. Thanks for hosting it.
    Adelien recently posted… Sunshine Award – My First Blogging AwardMy Profile

  2. Thanks – just signed up for the challenge, time to get accountable about my blogging ;)
    Jolyn recently posted… {Mexico} Dreams Tulum RenovationsMy Profile

  3. Hi Michelle,

    So glad to be part of the challenge again! I really needed a #BLOGBOOST as I have been slowing down in my posts so time to REV THINGS UP! Thanks so much for putting this together for us, time after time! <3

  4. It is a great community and opportunity that you have created. I have “met” some pretty awesome people. Thanks for what you have done. :)
    Elizabeth recently posted… Well…My Health Insurance Plan is…My Profile

  5. I have officially signed up and looking forward to the challenge!

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