Top 5 Reasons People Share Content (and How to Get Them to Share Yours)

Have you wondered just what it is that motivates people to click “share” online?  And how to get your visitors to share more of your blog posts?

Check out the infographic below for the answer… (hint: there are 5 top reasons and the key is working these motivators into your content.) ContentCreationStrategies


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  1. Michelle, interesting about keeping it short and sweet. Many are now making their posts longer to please Google. I wonder which will win out in the end. Videos seem to be where its at. Thanks for sharing these. Good to know humor ranks high as well. Have a great new week ahead.
    Lisa Sicard recently posted… How To Get More Social Shares Today with a Magic NumberMy Profile

    1. Thanks Lisa. I think it’s one of the reasons that a mix of content is important. :)
      Michelle Shaeffer recently posted… 5 Simple Actions to Dramatically Improve Your Writing in 15 Minutes or LessMy Profile

  2. Interesting infographic! Serendipitously, I posted about something very similar this week — how to FIND that great content to share:
    Lacy recently posted… Steal My Checklist For Easy, Engaging Social Media CurationMy Profile

    1. Cool, thanks for sharing your post, Lacy. :)
      Michelle Shaeffer recently posted… Got Knocked Down? Afraid to Fail? Here’s the Solution (Video)My Profile

  3. This is helpful. I love infographics. I need to diversify in my posts more. Good reminder, thanks.
    Val recently posted… Celery on Your Windowsill – Lettuce Rejoice!My Profile

  4. You say short and sweet, but it also says 3000-10000 word posts get shared an average of almost 9000 times. What’s the context of these? Even 3k is pretty long!

  5. If only I’ve found your blog when I was starting. It would have saved me a lot of time and energy.

    Still, these are helpful tips to remember. Thanks for sharing your blogging wisdom. :)
    Lux Ganzon recently posted… How To Feel Good When You’re Having A Bad DayMy Profile

  6. Great blogpost, Michelle! You’re the MARKETING-BLOGGING expert! A quick question~ what did you mean by posting our “logo” at the beginning & end of each of our videos? AND HOW do we do that, please? THANK YOU SO MUCH!

  7. It’s always interesting to me when I see that Google likes longer posts. Yet most people say they don’t want to take the time to read everything – one reason headlines/subheads/bullet points are important. Make it easy to read.
    Like written content, I think people are also beginning to prefer shorter videos as well. Used to be recommended that you keep them under 4-5 minutes, now it’s 2 minutes and under. Thanks!
    Debra Jason recently posted… Social Media Etiquette: Are There Rules?My Profile

  8. Very informative post… thanks for sharing your knowledge.
    Candace Alstad – Davies recently posted… How do you keep a school safe from violence and crime? (Interview Questions & Answers)My Profile

  9. Hey Michelle

    I LOVE this Infographic – man, I really should learn how to make one!

    Thank you <3


  10. I’ve never tried producing round ups but I’ve seen they are big in the crafting / mummy blogger community. Great infographic
    Joanne recently posted… Corporate Events at Walton CastleMy Profile

  11. Thanks Michelle, it’s good to know that we need to give people info in small chunks. Everyone is so busy, so it’s easier to read bullet points, look at a pic or watch a short video. I’ve just started using video on my blog and noticed so much more interaction. It’s hard to keep them under 2 minutes though but sounds like a fun challenge. I’ll report back :)
    Heather Bestel recently posted… How To Be More ProductiveMy Profile

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