5 Reasons Why Sensitive Entrepreneurs Make Extraordinary Leaders

Have you joined Facebook groups or membership programs… with the highest of hopes…

Only to have them dashed when you realize the community isn’t a fit for you?

Maybe they’ll all hard-driving, bottom-line numbers focused and they don’t get why you care about more than numbers…

Or maybe they’ve got the “say anything, if it sells” attitude that makes you sick to your stomach… all that self-promotion (and sometimes empty promises mixed in) gets a little loud.

And you know, if you shared how passionate you really are about your business and seeing your customers happy or your clients getting results… they’d probably look at you like you’re some sort of alien.

Point is, you don’t fit in or feel comfortable.

So, if these 5 things below describe YOU, know that you CAN succeed as an entrepreneur AND be a leader in your space!

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1. A Sense of Empathy

Are you “tuned in” to how your customers, clients or prospects feel?

The ability to sense the emotions of others can be a challenge in marketing (you just won’t ever feel okay with certain pressure-y marketing tactics), but an amazing gift as it enables you to powerfully coach, train, guide, mentor and motivate at a deeper level.


2.  Awareness of Emotions

Do you experience intense, deep emotions that sometimes don’t make sense to others?

You may hear things like, “WHY are you crying?!” or “Keep it together, Suzie!”


3.  Dedication to What’s “Right”

You care about what’s fair and what’s right.

A client recently shared with me how she’d had a disaster of a project blow up.  Her concern?  Not how to get even, or collect her money – it was how to fairly and kindly end the relationship and still deliver what was agreed on to the client.

THAT is “giving a damn” about what’s right.

It’s okay to embrace being relationship focused and caring how the other person feels, and honoring how you feel, too!

4.  Intense Passion

When you share the success story of your clients, or through conversation see their potential and what’s possible for them, does it move you nearly to tears?  Do you get excited?

I do.  I’m intensely passionate about what I see as my clients potential.  And I won’t back down from it.

I put everything I’ve got into what I do – and I’m betting you do, too.

5.  Creative and Innovative

Because you experience emotions deeply, you can translate those feelings into writing, speaking, art, music… however you choose to express yourself it’s filled with powerful emotions.

You have a unique creativity and innovativeness.  When you’re in a safe space and surrounded by support, it can come out in a beautiful way.

You’re open to learning new things and putting new twists on things you know.

You push the status quo and you don’t back down from what you believe.

Does the above describe you?  If so, welcome to the Give-a-Damner Community.  Join us here.

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  1. OMG! I cried watching the videos. Thank you for this.

  2. Hey Michelle,

    In order to be a successful entrepreneur, you need to work long hours. In my own life as an entrepreneur, I’ve succeeded by working hard and never making excuses about not having the time. Creativity and innovation in work always required when you have choosed the path of success. Thanks for sharing these wonderful tips with us.

    With best wishes,

    Amar kumar
    Amar kumar recently posted… 12 Things You Need to Know About SEO HostingMy Profile

    1. Glad to hear you’ve found what’s working for you, Amar.

  3. YES! When I read the book The Highly Sensitive Person, it affirmed to me that there really was nothing wrong with me.

    Empaths or sensitives make up a small percentage of the entire human race so often get drowned out by the majority.

    We, the ones who wear out hearts on our sleeves, who cry at commercials, who can’t watch/hear the news because we actually take on the negative energy and emotions, are NEEDED.

    We help (just like every human) balance the world out.

    We are the reminders that there is hope in the world. It’s okay to cry. It’s okay to give a damn. It’s okay to be YOU and there really is nothing wrong with that, even if most people can’t wrap their minds around it.

    Glad to be apart of the Give-a-Dammers! ^_^

    1. That’s a great book, I found it helpful, too.

      And absolutely, there is nothing wrong with it. <3

  4. I think that to become a successful entrepreneur requires a lot of factors, your article also gives many aspects and it is very useful to me.
    Thanks for your post!

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting, Owen.

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