5 Super Ninja Plugins for Cool WordPress Tricks

Ready for some super cool “ninja” tricks for your WordPress blog?

Try these plugins…

Widget Logic

Want different widgets (those things in your sidebar) to show up on different pages or areas of your site?

Use Widget Logic to tell your blog which widget should show up where.

Get it here: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/widget-logic/

TentBlogger’s Add RSS Footer

Add your own copyright notice, free bonus, or whatever you want to your blog’s RSS feed.

You can see it in action on my RSS feed.  I use it to add a copyright notice to my content here.  And on DailyBloggingIdeas.com I use it to deliver a freebie to subscribers.

Get it here: http://tentblogger.com/add-rss-footer/

Search Meter

Find out what your visitors are searching your site for — so you can deliver the content they want — with this cool plugin.

Get it here: http://thunderguy.com/semicolon/wordpress/search-meter-wordpress-plugin/

Comment Redirect by Yoast

Want to say thank you to first time commenters, welcome them to your community, make them a special offer, invite them to subscribe, etc?  You can do that with this plugin.

Get it here: http://yoast.com/wordpress/comment-redirect/

GoCodes Redirect

This is one of my favorite plugins for affiliate marketing.  It’s like your own branded link shortener/tracker.

You can use it to turn your crazy weird affiliate links like:


into a nice link like:


You can:

  • choose the word or words in the link
  • track how many times it’s clicked
  • change the link later (so if you’re recommending something and the product disappears, the business closes, or you find something better, you can change where that link redirects to)
  • protect your affiliate links

Get it here: http://www.webmaster-source.com/gocodes-redirection-plugin-wordpress/

What’s Your Ninja Secret?

Got a favorite plugin or tool that does something cool?  Share in the comments!

Image Credit: Kwl

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  1. Hey Michelle,

    I have nothing cool on my blog :(

    Maybe when I start my serious blog I might consider! :)

    Thanks that I know a tech genius! :)
    Hajra recently posted… Will they call you over for a bloggers party?My Profile

    1. Hey, awesome content counts as cool! ;) I loved your post about guest blogging–it was excellent. :)
      Michelle Shaeffer recently posted… Why I’m Celebrating Recent FailuresMy Profile

  2. Definitely have to check out a few of those. My fav is CommentLuv but since you have that, I’ll also throw in Call to Action which allows you to create multiple calls to action to be posted at the end of your post and WP About the Author that lets you add an author bio box at the end of the post.
    Nicole Bandes recently posted… Tip 21 – Making Life Easier WebsitesMy Profile

  3. Michelle:
    Not often I come to a website 2 times in one day via 2 different tweets for 2 different posts. Yay you!
    Another winner in this one about WordPress Plugins. A couple I thought of and am using right now are InBound Writer that checks out your posts as you write them, and Link Within, the “an you might also enjoy” showing of thumbnails and titles beneath your current post.
    Excellent list.
    Sally Erickson recently posted… Google Webmaster Tools crucial to your WordPress WebsiteMy Profile

  4. I LOVE Comment Redirect — I am using that one :) I photoshopped a bunch of “thank yous” around my head in different languages ;) And I love gocodes too! I am going to add the other 3 plus looking into the ones Nicole (above) suggested this week! I use Social Author Bio by Nick Powers right now for my author box — I like how i can add all my social networking links ;)
    Kimberly ~ Gypsy recently posted… 10 Things You Can Do To GREEN Your Home BusinessMy Profile

  5. Thank you Michelle – I downloaded all but searchmeter as that gave me an error code. The ones I already use are popular and I think you have mentioned all of them. Love that you check out all blog info and let us know about what is good – saves me so much time.

    Lynn Dorman, Ph.D. recently posted… Puzzles? Reading? Yes – they ARE good for you!My Profile

  6. I tested the Widget Logic and I like it a lot. :)
    I’ve been playing with Typekit fonts today. It’s pretty cool and fast to change your blog’s fonts once you get the Selectors set correctly (that’s the hardest part. It took me 5 hours to finally get some new fonts showing).

  7. Michelle, you always have the hook up! You know I love plug-ins so I’ll have to try these you’ve listed as well as your followers. One of my favorite plug-ins is Tweet Old Post.

  8. Hi Michelle,
    Thank you for these great plugin suggestions. Also, thanks to Nicole. I will definitely be trying these out.
    Can you tell me, do you have a ‘how-to’ post for adding RSS to a blog? Currently my blog provides only one feed option not more such as google reader etc. Is there a plugin that enables mutliple feed ‘platform?’ options.(Hope that makes sense).
    Perhaps there is a post idea here for you?
    Thanks and cheers, Caylie
    Caylie Price, Better Business Better Life recently posted… Bring It! What Value Do You Bring To The World?My Profile

  9. Thanks. as always for the great information.I will definitely download and install this. I appreciate anything that will stop the content thieves out there. I am also having a problem with people stealing my content that I post to Ezine Articles. I post the content to my site first and to Ezine articles and people steal the content and re-post it to their sites and delete my resource box with my links. I know that this is copyright infringement and against EZA policy, but they do it anyhow. I have grown tired of filing DMCA takedown notices. I don’t suppose there is any easy solution for this problem; is there? Thanks.
    Jeremiah Johnson recently posted… Best Carry on Luggage-Backpacks for Airline TravelMy Profile

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