5 Simple Ways to Make a Huge Splash and Get Your Business Noticed Fast

Are you looking for easier ways to get your message out there FAST so you can make a big splash?

I’ve tried a lot of different ways to find and get in front of my audience over the years… and one thing I’ve realized makes everything work better?  Well, that’s tip #7.  Let’s start with #1.

#1 – Share Your Best Content

Whether it’s guest blogging, article marketing, or other variations, get your best content OFF your own website and in another space where more people can see it!

You can write for sites like Medium.com, answer questions on networks like Quora.com, or share articles places like EzineArticles.com.

And go after guest blog opportunities by reaching out to bloggers who share your audience, using sites like MyBlogGuest.com, or by searching Google:

  • [Keyword] + “guest post”
  • [Keyword] + “write for us”
  • [Keyword] + “contribute”

You can also find a few people in your niche who are guest blogging, and then Google “Guest post by + [Name]” to see which blogs they’ve published on might be a good fit for you to reach out to, too.

#2 – Participate in Social Media Sharing Networks

Participate in programs and sites that help you get your content (your blog posts, your freebies, your podcast – whatever content you’ve got) out in front of a much bigger audience.

How?  By allowing others who reach a whole new community with their social media, to share you!

My favorite options:

#3 – Get Featured by Media

Why do we see “as seen on” logos all over the internet?  Because being featured by the media and in popular places adds credibility to what we do in business.

So, how can you get the media to feature you?  Start by signing up for services like Help A Reporter and learning how to write an effective press release (go beyond online random submissions though, create your own media list of reporters and news stations who either cover your topic areas or are local to you).

Great resources:

#4 – Be a Guest on Podcasts (or Host Your Own)

One of the most effective strategies I’ve used so far this year has been hosting my own podcast, The Art of Giving a Damn, and being a guest on other podcasts.

Look for podcasts that are already reaching the audience you want, and do a bit of research on their show, then pitch them something like this…

Hey [host],

[Compliment about the show and what you see them doing well or what you like…]

[I noticed your most popular episode is… and your community seems to love…]

[Connect yourself to their popular topic and a different twist/angle on it as what you could talk about…]

I’ve attached a copy of my media one sheet for you to take a peek at, and here’s a recent podcast I was interviewed on: [link]

I’d love to chat and see if I’d be a fit to come on your show and share with your audience [insert another interesting point here that you can share].

Thanks for your time & consideration,
[Your name]

P.S.  I left a rating & review for you on iTunes!
[Include a screenshot or link here – and you can leave the review anywhere they syndicate, so iTunes, Stitcher, etc]

Fantastic directories to list yourself in:

Also, grab this directory of top podcasters: The Ultimate Directory of Podcasters (it’s free!)

#5 – Creatively Borrow an Audience

How can you create a win-win for others to share you with their audiences and communities?

Stop and create a list of 3 topics you can share solutions on, 3 audiences you’re looking for, and then 3 ways you can deliver those solutions to those audiences… like this:

3 topics I can share solutions on:

  • How to Grow Your List of Subscribers
  • How to Get More Traffic to Your Website
  • How to Create Content that Gets Noticed (and Shared)

3 audiences I’m looking for:

  • Entrepreneurs just getting started in their businesses and looking for marketing opportunities to help them get more clients
  • Bloggers and experts who have content but aren’t getting it in front of enough people
  • Podcasters who want to get in front of more people and monetize their shows

3 ways I can share my solutions with my audiences:

  • Speaking/networking at the right events
  • Being interviewed on podcasts or FB lives
  • Presenting on webinars and virtual workshops

Next, look for people who meet these three requirements:

  • Have access to your audience (think: “Redbox” – put yourself where your audience is at, don’t expect them to come to you!)
  • Offer different, non-competitive solutions that work well with what you offer (think: cookies & milk!)
  • Are a fit for the way you want to share (do they host events? a podcast? do JV webinars? run a FB group that would love a livestream interview? host a membership site where the interview experts monthly?)

Get creative and think outside the box for the ways you’ve been looking for your audience.  Instead of trying to find them one at a time, ask yourself where you can find your audience in a big group, and who can help you get in front of them.

Looking for a QUICK, SIMPLE way to get access to other people’s audiences so you can grow your list and make a splash with just a few clicks?  Check out www.SplashCliq.com!

You’ll find ways to more easily do ALL five of the above…

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  1. Thanks for all these wonderful tips Michelle!

    1. Hey Pam, thanks so much for reading and commenting. :)
      Michelle Shaeffer recently posted… 10 Subject Line Templates to Get Your Emails OpenedMy Profile

  2. Great tips…don’t forget about writing a book. It is a great way to get onto podcasts, a good reason to submit a press release and an awesome way to show off your expertise!

    1. Books are great credibility builders, thanks for adding this Brenda. :)
      Michelle Shaeffer recently posted… 6 Killer Email Examples Ecommerce Entrepreneurs Should StealMy Profile

  3. Great actionable tips Michelle.

    Some of these are tough but in #1, definitely not Ezinearticles.

  4. Great tips, Michelle. Thanks for sharing!

  5. I did all the things correctly but stuck on one point, i.e. ‘Get Featured by Media’. Can you please tell me more about this section? What are the best possible ways to get featured by media easily? Also give me some suggestions about writing an effective ‘Press Release’. Thank You!

  6. Great information Michelle! Thanks alot. Found you today on a Google search and I can promise i’m bookmarking this one!!!

  7. Thanks for posting this article, it was of great help as it was clearly throwing light on the key points which are essential for a business.

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