7 Hot Resources for Bloggers

Time for another magical list post!

Here are 7 great resources you want to know about if you’re blogging.

These are in no particular order other than the way they spilled out of my brain.

I’d love to know what resources you love that have helped you get your blog launch and made it more fun, more effective, and more visible.

1.  WordPress

Yeah, you knew that was coming.  WordPress just rocks.  Period.  Once you’ve got that you’ve got access to all sorts of fabulous themes and plugins.

2.  Great Reading

Want to be a better blogger?  Read awesome blogs.  Subscribe by RSS or email.

Here’s some of what’s in my RSS reader:

You don’t have to read every post on every blog.  But scan through them and read a few posts a few times a week.  Exercise your brain.

3.  A Blogging Mastermind Tribe

Find one on Facebook, Twitter, or create one of your own, but do it sooner than later.  Having others to bounce ideas off of and connect with to promote each others posts is invaluable.

Need one?  Try these:

Or just search on Facebook, check your favorite forums, ask your blogger friends, or check out Triberr.com.

4.  Blog Idea Sources

It’s easy to get stuck in your own head.  Keep resources handy to help:

5.  31 Days to Build a Better Blog

Yes, you want this.  There’s a reason it’s so popular.  It’s very challenging but worth the time and effort to work through it.  You’ll have a much more solid foundation once you’ve completed it.  Get it here.

6.  31 Days to Finding Your Blogging Mojo

I just finished reading this one and it rocks.  It’s split into 31 short entries which each give you an action to take based on the day’s info, and the entries are split up with humorous little anecdotes.  I grabbed the Kindle copy and went through it  in just a few days.  It’s a lot of fun and an easy read but packed with fantastic tips.  Get it here.

7.  Launch Your Blog

Make it easy on yourself and get started with a free 30 lesson blogging course. From how to choose your domain and install WordPress, to which plugins you need and how to plan your content, this ecourse will save you HOURS of time and get you started on the right path to a successful blog.  (Yes, this one is my course.  I think it completes this list nicely though.)

And if you’re ready to really get results from your blog check out the 6 week workshop starting soon.

So what are YOUR favorite blogging resources?

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  1. Thanks, Michelle, for another VERY useful collection of handy ttips. ALL will be very helpful as I work to get better and better. So far my favorite new idea to implement is your recommendation for exchanging suggestions with a Mastermind Group, which I’ll be assembling in my niche. Thanks also for introducing me to Triberr.com — fantastic!
    Robbie Schlosser recently posted… Young and Restless for Wedding and Party MusicMy Profile

    1. Triberr is great! I really enjoy my connections there.

      Creating a group is your niche is a wonderful way to reach more readers all together than any of us can alone. :)
      Michelle Shaeffer recently posted… Six Secret Strategies for 15 Minute Blog PostsMy Profile

  2. Michelle, you and the fellow bloggers in the Ultimate Blog Challenges are the greatest resources out there. I love the way you send pertinent day by day emails and break things done so simply. I’ll give those articles you menttioned a read. But right now, it’s off to bed. I’ve spent a few hours moving stuff to a WP blog and you are right-I am loving the things that I can do with it!
    Cynthia Hanevy recently posted… The interview: faith or religion? You decide.My Profile

    1. It does take time to get setup but as you’ve discovered, gives you lots of cool features. Enjoy the shiny new blog! :)
      Michelle Shaeffer recently posted… The Answer to Image Search: Seen Compfight Yet?My Profile

  3. Awesome job, Michelle. Thanks for all the resources and value!

    1. You’re welcome, Jeff, thanks for stopping by.
      Michelle Shaeffer recently posted… The Answer to Image Search: Seen Compfight Yet?My Profile

  4. Great resources Michelle. Thanks for sharing your awesome expertise. I tweeted and shared too.
    Cindy Murphy recently posted… Getting Started l Step 1 = Research Your NicheMy Profile

    1. Hey Cindy, I appreciate that!
      Michelle Shaeffer recently posted… The Answer to Image Search: Seen Compfight Yet?My Profile

  5. Hey Michelle,

    This sure is a lovely list of resources. What I personally prefer is Brankica, blog like a star and We Blog Better as my guides. Though the ones mentioned here are just as awesome. I was introduced to Brankica and Kiesha early on in my blogging journey and learned a lot!

    Useful compilation here! :)
    Hajra recently posted… Will they call you over for a bloggers party?My Profile

    1. I need to stop by and check them out–I think Melanie Kissell had shared some links to their blogs a while ago and they aren’t in my reader yet. Thanks for the reminder! :)
      Michelle Shaeffer recently posted… Don’t Give Up, Don’t Shut Up, Just Keeping Showing UpMy Profile

  6. I’m familiar with most of these tips. WordPress is the only platform I’ve used. I started with wordpress.com and transitioned to wordress.org. The others I use occasionally. #6 is brand new and I’m gonna pick up the kindle version and check it out.

    Can’t go wrong with your tips.

    Thanks for sharing.
    Adalia John recently posted… Five Ways to Overcome Blog RutMy Profile

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