7 Creative Ways to Get Great Testimonials (a.k.a. Social Proof)

Are you ready to collect some great client testimonials, but not sure where to start?

If you don’t have clients (yet!) for a new venture, or you are bravely venturing into asking for testimonials for the first time, here are 7 creative ways you can get great testimonials!

1. Ask Yourself A Different Question

Instead of “What if I don’t have any clients?” or “How do I find a client to ask?” try asking yourself… “Who Has Experienced (Me/My Product/My Service)?”

Think about mastermind or Facebook groups you participate in, people you’ve worked for or with, coaches or mentors, civic or community groups you’re part of…

Paying clients are the only people who can share their honest feedback back you and your business!

2.  Keep Your Eyes and Ears Open

Have you got Google alerts setup and tracking any mentions of your name, company or brands?  Stop and do that now…

Also keep your eyes on social media for mentions.  It’s easy to setup a search column in Hootsuite.

3.  Alternative Client Arrangements

If you need to kickstart your client list and grab some great testimonials, look for opportunities like…

  • Trade or barter work
  • Work inside a company on a project
  • Collaborate with a colleague

4.  Think Spotlight, Darling!

Have you spoken on stage?  Been invited as a guest on a webcast?  Hosted your own webcast?  How about Facebook Live?

Anyone in the audience can share a testimonial of what they learned or how you helped them.

Also consider asking event organizers, hosts, and other speakers who can share their takeaways from your presentation.

5.  Share “One Piece” of What You Do

Got a home study course, workshop or other virtual product?  Choose one of your best pieces (a checklist, formula, short video, etc) and share it free with a few people then ask for their feedback.

If it’s short and easy to review, it’s much more likely that you’ll get the reviews you’re looking for.

Plus, it gives you a great way to start a conversation about your course or workshop that the piece came from.

6.  Give First…

Who can you reach out and create a testimonial for?  Give one first…

Where can you share your knowledge and experience?  Jump into a Facebook group and share.  Watch what happens in the comments…

Look for opportunities to be of service!

7.  What Else?

What are your favorite creative ways to collect feedback and testimonials you can share to build trust with your potential clients?

P.S.  This post is brought to you by the Proof Factory – the easiest way to capture real video testimonials, with no tech headaches.  

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  1. Hello Michelle,

    Great shout here :)

    The demand of social proof is increasing day by day, as we all know the power of social media and how its roots are spreading.
    Its better to keep the records so that we can know how much work more is to be done.

    Indeed some great tips over here, I liked the Google alerts set up, haven’t tried yet but it looks worthy to give up a shot.

    Barter system is something pretty cool here. This method of interacting would be great to attract more clients for our

    I fear of public speaking, going on to the stage and speaking in front of the crowd. Yeah but Face book live is a much better
    option. I am working on a project and hope its go online soon.

    Thanks for the share.

    Shantanu Sinha recently posted… 13 Tips for Choosing a Domain Name – 2017 EditionMy Profile

  2. Hi MICHELLE ,

    Nice Overview of Testimonials!

    People get more influenced by reading other use’s experience. so testimonials help in trust building. There can’t be anything better than this.

    Who , why, what are the three basic questions that people want to know.

    Keeping our eyes and years opened keep us updated.

    Engaging in blogging community and events helps in network building.

    Sharing what we have done will make people familiar with our blog/brand.

    Sharing on Facebook and reading comments will give us clue about what’s other people view.

    Thanks a lot for sharing.

  3. Thanks for sharing, i hope this will help me

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