7 Ways to Create Content for Your Blog Without Writing

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Most bloggers run into days where we don’t feel like writing. Sometimes we can push through and get that post written anyway, but sometimes it’s worth taking a break and trying something different. Throwing something new into the mix on your blog can pique interest and boost your creativity.

So if you want to post something new to your blog but don’t feel like writing, try one of these seven ideas.

Reprint Articles: There are many quality articles available for reprint. Check directories like EzineArticles, ArticlesBase, Idea Marketers, or GoArticles. Search for topics your readers are interested in and pick out a helpful article to share. The authors allow you to reprint in exchange for including their attribution and promotional blurb at the end of the article.

Do a Podcast: Record your thoughts with CinchCast or AudioBoo and share them on your blog. Both services make it easy to embed your recording and offer easy recording options. Give your fingers a break!

Try a Video Blog: Use your web cam to record a video blog (or vlog) of your thoughts. Upload to YouTube or the video sharing site of your choice and embed it on your blog. Video is a great way to connect with your readers.

Feature a Guest Blogger: Who do you know that has great information to share? Find someone in your circle of friends or colleagues and invite them to write a guest post for your blog. You could also invite them to share a video with your readers, or setup a time and do a quick interview via teleconferencing line or Skype that you can record and share with your readers.

Create a Group Blog: If you find yourself consistently stuck and out of ideas, consider turning your blog into a group effort. Recruit experts who are willing to commit to a post a week (or month).

Record & Transcribe: If you don’t feel like writing but do want written content for your blog another strategy is to record your blog post and then have your virtual assistant or transcriber put it into written format for you.

Hire a Ghostwriter: Find a good, competent ghostwriter who can occasionally contribute quality posts to your blog. This will allow you to take a break while still posting unique content to your blog.

You can keep fresh content on your blog without constantly writing. There are other strategies you can use, too, so don’t limit yourself to these ideas. Get creative!

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  2. What a cool list!

    You have definitely given everyone LOTS of non-writing choices. Thank you, Michelle. I’m curious to try out a transcribing service for recordings. Do you happen to have a no-cost resource in mind?

    Always appreciate your posts and all your great tips,

    Melanie Kissell recently posted… All Right is All WrongMy Profile

      1. Whew – you’re super quick!

        Thanks for these resources, Michelle. I’ll go and take a peek and see if something fits the bill for me.

        Just so everyone knows …

        You don’t normally get this kind of response and personal attention everywhere. Michelle is a keeper! Get on her list … and stay on it. :)
        Melanie Kissell recently posted… All Right is All WrongMy Profile

        1. I totally agree with Melanie. Michelle is really helpful and you’ll always get a timely, personalized and to-the-point response, either to your comments or to your emails. Thanks so much, Michelle :))
          Oh, btw, how on earth can I upload an avatar (my pic) to go with my comments here?

          1. Thank you. :)

            The comments is (hopefully!) pulling photos from Gravatar.com so if you’ve registered there and use the same email address when you comment, it should show your photo.

  3. Great list, Michelle! Helpful reminders for when (not if) we get stuck and need a quick boost to keep going.
    Evelyn Roberts Brooks recently posted… Weekend Be-Happier Tip- PatienceMy Profile

  4. Great article! Will have to take notes on this one!

  5. You know, I never thought of recording a post and transcribing it! What a great idea!

    1. Yes, can be a great way to create blog posts, ebooks, or other info products. :)

  6. This is a great list! I think I’m developing a blog addiction-I keep thinking of new tops to blog on and I know that I will surely need these tips at some poin. I very much appreciate your helpful hints and the blog challenge.
    Cynthia Hanevy recently posted… Getting Your Business Started Part II – Your Business PlanMy Profile

  7. Love it! Continually thinking of stuff to write about is the big challenge for me. Of course, that’s why I like The Ultimate Blog Challenge (shameless plug). It’ll get the creative juices flowing (I hope).

    It’s always good to have multiple sources of ideas, though.
    Ken Montville recently posted… Transferring Between Website HostsMy Profile

  8. You are a dream,
    I was looking to get my videos transcribed so will check this out- thanks for the other ideas. I will now get some of my audios trancribed too
    Suzie Cheel recently posted… How To Use EFT to Increase Your Attitude of GratitudeMy Profile

  9. Thanks Michelle for the great list. I find myself getting bogged down all the time and sometimes all that is needed to re-start my mind working is to look at things from someone’s view besides myself. I enjoy your posts as they give me lots of information and different ideas.
    Jeremiah Johnson recently posted… Samsonite Xspace SpinnerMy Profile

  10. This is really an innovative post for me, as I have couple of blogs but due to busy schedule I don’t get enough time to write valuable article. So now I am going to try guest author option and invite various authors to my blog for their share.
    How to start blog recently posted… Google Ad sense – A program by Google to share revenue for referral TrafficMy Profile

  11. 7 strategies indeed, i agree with you mama. thanks for sharing.

  12. Great Article! Some good ideas. I especially liked the one about collaboration with fellow bloggers. That’s a good idea that would bring more value and and different perspective to your blog. Its also a great way to build cross traffic.
    Greg Taylor recently posted… An Analysis of Google Search ListingsMy Profile

  13. Good tips, sites like oDesk and Fiverr can be great for finding talented writers from all parts of the globe who can write on any topic you’re needing. Just make sure you check their past reviews or get a sample of their past work.

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