8 Ways Writing Reviews Can Get Your Blog Noticed & Make You Money


Are you writing reviews on your blog?  It can be a great way to get noticed and make some money.

In this post I’ll share with you some of the tips and strategies I’ve been sharing with clients in my Behind the Scenes blogging course.  (Be sure to check it out!)

Start by thinking about your ideal reader and what types of things you can write reviews about that they’d find helpful.  What tools do you use that they’d like?  What books or magazines?  Are there particular products or services they’d love?

Next, there are two ways you could approach what you decide to review to start with, and you’ll actually want to mix these but staying aware of what the goal for each is.

1) Review What’s Hot for Search Engine Traffic

Check out the most popular websites where people order and review the type of products you want to feature.

I’ll use Amazon as an example. Go look at what the most popular products are right now. If they’re “hot” then people are searching for them and you can capitalize on that and get some search engine traffic by reviewing those items.

2) Review for Connections and Exposure

Look for small to medium sized independent businesses who manufacture products you want to review. They may send you a free item for review and even publicize a positive review (it’s good for them). So when you approach them keep that in mind.

After the review is live, these are the people you want to make sure you let know they’re welcome to quote you and encourage them to use that review.

Make your goal to build relationships with companies who can get you noticed by your ideal readers as a trusted voice providing reviews in your community.

Now here are 8 ways to turn those reviews into big exposure and cash:

1. Each product you review (assuming it’s positive, that is!) contact the product manufacturer and let them know you’ve reviewed their product, send a link, and mention they’re welcome to use your feedback as long as they note your name and business.

2. When you review the products be sure to put the name and company in the title, body of the post and your tags – it’ll help you get found in the search engines.

3. Re-purpose those reviews and submit them on the manufacturer’s websites or places like Amazon, and check the terms to see if you can post just an excerpt and a link to your review (many won’t allow that but some will) either way you can sign the review as something like “You, Your Blog Name” and people who like your reviews will Google to find you.

4. Where possible/appropriate also include a video and upload to YouTube then embed on your blog.  Use the product name/manufacturer along with the word review in the title and keywords as well as description, in the description include a link to your review on your blog so you get found more both in Google and in YouTube searches.

5. Create one page on your blog dedicated to sharing your reviews then each review you do, add the title, excerpt and photo of the item, then link to the full review.  On that page let companies know how they can send you an item for review, and readers know how they can suggest an item for you to review.

6. Engage your readers by adding a “What should I review next?” link at the end of any reviews you write that goes to a form inviting them to suggest a product for you to review. You can use this to get freebies by contacting the product maker and letting them know you write a blog about XYZ, where you included trusted product reviews for your community and that you’ve received a request to review XYZ. Some will send it to you free in exchange for your review (which you must disclose in the post).  Some won’t but it doesn’t hurt to ask and get your name in front of them as a resource for getting the word out about products they offer. If they say no you can ask if there’s a different similar item they’d like you to review for your community, too.

7. Look for twists you can put on a typical review that will get it shared more because it’s more useful and interesting.  So instead of “why this product works/doesn’t work” how about “10 Perfect Uses for…” or “3 Big Lessons I Learned From…”  If it’s a tool or resource, then instead of typical review offer a guide or checklist of how to use it.  For example, I created a how to video for Piktochart that got 6,600+ views on YouTube.

8. Don’t miss the opportunity to use your affiliate link when you review products or services!

Bonus tip: as a next step, look at print or digital magazines or other publications that print reviews or first hand experience stories.  Once you’ve got a few reviews up on your site, start getting touch with them and looking for ways to get your reviews featured places beyond your site, too.

Whew!  Got all that?  Good, now brainstorm what YOU can review on YOUR blog that your readers will love ya for!

Share your ideas in the comments below and help spark ideas for other readers, too.

P.S.  If you found this useful, you should jump in and join me here!

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  1. Great post Michelle.
    I have been dabbling with review posts but just could not get in the grove of doing them regularly. Your post has me taking a second look at this opportunity.

    Dr. Linette Montae recently posted… 30-day challenges are really hot right now but are they growing your business?My Profile

    1. Glad it’s got you thinking, Linette. :)
      Michelle Shaeffer recently posted… 8 Ways Writing Reviews Can Get Your Blog Noticed & Make You MoneyMy Profile

  2. Hi Michelle,
    Really useful post. Many bloggers don’t have any idea about making reviews through their blogs. You just give the sparkle to their mind. It is smart that we use reviews as a way to connect with the industry in our niche.

    Thanks for this post
    Okto recently posted… 4 Possible Ways to Make Money With Facebook You May Not Know YetMy Profile

  3. Hi Michelle,

    Thanks for this comprehensive informative post. Writing reviews is a great way to make connections also garner exposure to our new or mid-capped blogs.

    I have already implement a few of these techniques. Will try others too.
    Gautham Nekkanti recently posted… Subway Surfers Unlimited Coins & Keys Hack (Android/iPhone/PC)My Profile

    1. It sure is. Thanks for commenting, Gautham.
      Michelle Shaeffer recently posted… 120 Ways to Promote Your Blog [Infographic]My Profile

  4. Excellent post, Michelle. I have been writing reviews at The Wonder of Tech for a while but hadn’t considered these ways of leveraging them.
    Carolyn recently posted… Fix Your Flooded Facebook Feed (Without Unfriending Anyone)My Profile

  5. I had recently started writing product reviews on one of my sites and they almost always show up on the first page or two of Google. The next trick now is to find something thats relatively big but not burning hot either, as to keep the competition at bay while pulling in a narrow (but targeted) audience.

    Anyway thank you for the post, Michelle.

  6. Hi Michelle,
    i caught myself laughing when i read your 8th point, you won’t believe this but i once saw a blog that wrote a review without an affiliate link. What he did was providing the direct url to the product :)

    Well thanks for these tips, i never knew about contacting the manufacturer, I’ll try implementing your tips my newer reviews and do you think it’s late to contact manufacturers for my older reviews?

    oh btw, i was about to hit “post comment” when i saw your author bio at the footer. Wow! 42 blog post in a day? Seriously i don’t think i can do that in a lifetime haha.
    Have a great week ahead
    Gilbert samuel recently posted… 5 social media strategies to promote your blog postMy Profile

  7. Thanks Michelle for the comprehensive post. I hadn’t thought of writing product reviews until your video on creating the Empathy Map on “Behind the Scenes” when you mentioned reviewing curriculum. Now I have a pretty solid blueprint to follow.

    I appreciate your wisdom!

    Lisa Mallis recently posted… Fight Procrastination DayMy Profile

  8. Thank you for sharing this, Michelle! You’ve given a tech moron such as myself a lot to think about. No shame in admitting that, as long as I do something positive about it, right? ;) I look forward to writing better reviews!

    #gingerbreadmum stopped by to say hi!
    Adora recently posted… Ten Points for Mum!My Profile

  9. As someone who is constantly searching for bloggers to do reviews of my products I have to say these are excellent ideas. I have found that people/customers/readers are often looking for some content that suggests or recommends a product/s. Many of my customers mention that they read about us on a blog or other site. We/customers want some affirmation that this company is ok, reputable or generally ok. Reviews are an established way to accomplish this and many bloggers already know this.

  10. Hi Michelle,

    I’m planning to start writing reviews on some amazing books. Thanks for great guidance and tips for ranking better.

    Naomi recently posted… Ten Big Reasons to Leave the 9-5 Grind for Your Business Start UpMy Profile

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