A Treat for My Readers!

I’m in the midst of a small personal crisis this week.  I’m not inspired to blog and don’t have time with all the changes I’ve got to make to undo the last 5 years of work.  I’d like to hide under a blanket and cry (but that wouldn’t be very productive since I’m quite claustrophic!).

So, while I focus on fixing a mess, and taking action to get it all straightened out, I’ve invited some fabulous business women to share posts on my blog this week!  The topics will range from dogs in social media to membership sites to how to care for your opt-ins and more.  I’m excited to introduce you to these ladies and each post will start with a little intro about how I connected with them.

Begins tomorrow at 7:00am (Alaska time) and posts are scheduled for every morning this week.  If you aren’t already subscribed to the RSS feed, email delivery, or NetworkedBlogs, you might want to get connected so you don’t miss any of their great content!

You’ll also be able to access it all under “Guest Brilliance” on the navigation bar – that’s where posts by other brilliant people live on my site.

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  1. I’m glad you found some awesome peeps to step in during a crisis. I am very saddened that you cannot use “Michelle Shaeffer”; however you will always be My Small Business Muse ;) As I am sure, you are and will always be to all of your clients and subscribers!

    It’s times like these that we learn how strong and blessed we really are. Don’t forget to take time for yourself — a quiet bath, a cup of tea, enjoy a little bit of nature, too ;)


    1. Thanks Kimberly. Yep, trying to stay positive about it, life happens and we just have to keep going on one step at a time. I am definitely realizing this week how blessed I am to be surrounded by such a wonderful community of friends and colleagues who really have helped me keep it together.

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