All Dressed Up, Nowhere to Go?

Ever feel like you’re all dressed up and ready for the spotlight but don’t know how to get it to shine on you?

This isn’t my area of expertise (I like to hide behind my computer screen, thank you very much), but I can point you to some great ways to get visibility and share with you who I know that can help you even more…

Join the Ultimate Blog Challenge and then jump in and really participate.  Yes, I’ll keep plugging it because I know it can help you if you’re looking to get visibility for you blog!  Plus Michele & I put together all sorts of great resources this time including a teleseminar about getting more visibility and we want to support you, which we can only do if you sign up.

Be visible on social media and don’t be afraid to participate in the conversations.

Look for opportunities to comment on blogs, social media, articles, and where ever else it makes sense to add your two cents.  Guest blog, invite guest bloggers, and find your own opportunities!  It’s okay to ask for the “date” first when you run your own business.  Don’t sit at home and wait for the opportunities to come to you.

And, go sign up for Nancy’s newsletter at — she can tell you what to do next to get out there and dance in the spotlight.

P.S. This idea, all dressed up with no where to go, inspired by Sheila of

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  2. Yeah, getting in the spotlight can be a tough assignment for us introverts. The light coming from our computer screens is pretty much enough for us. :)

    But joining a blog challenge is a super duper way to get yourself out there, make some new really cool connections, build your brand, and maybe even find some joint venture partners. I’ve participated in four of them, so far, and I can honestly say that nothing else I’ve done has given me as much visibility as blogging along with fellow challengers.

    Great idea for this post, Sheila!
    Melanie Kissell recently posted… How To Reach Desperate BuyersMy Profile

    1. Same here. Looking back I can hardly believe I was scared to sign up for one! I’m so glad I did.

  3. Visibility. That’s the name of the game for sure! The blog challenges are a great way to connect and get your name out there. I love them! It’s easy to be “everywhere at once” if you do your marketing cleverly :)
    Martha Giffen recently posted… How To Be A Captivating BloggerMy Profile

    1. I like how you put that: “do your marketing cleverly” – great way to express it.

  4. Michelle,

    Got that tittle from one of my favorite albums…(boy that sounds old)by Nicolette Larson.

    This has been a fun project, I like how you have used all the titles you were given.

    The marketing of things has been the hardest for me to do. I am a production person and not a marketing person. The blog challenges have been a great way to market. You get lots of production, meet other bloggers to network with and traffic. The ROI is worth all the effort for sure.
    Sheila Atwood recently posted… 4 Obstacles Female Online Entrepreneurs Commonly Face and How to Conquer ThemMy Profile

    1. I’ve had fun with the title ideas, thank you for playing along with me, Sheila. And yes, ROI has been worth it for me, too. I’m looking forward to the next blog challenge in January!

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