1. A great reminder that we all have something to offer. I often find myself feeling that whole “Jack of all trades, master of none.” But I agree with you, being a Renaisance Man is a compliment.

  2. Thanks for the manifesto Michelle. These are all wonderful words to live by. “Expertise doesn’t come from a piece of paper,” was one I hadn’t heard before & caught my attention. ~Debra
    Debra Jason recently posted… Six Copywriting Tips for Writing Video ContentMy Profile

  3. Great image to remind our goal, So many true lines are written here. “Brilliance lies within each of us.” Amazing!!!
    Aanchal recently posted… Web Design IndiaMy Profile

  4. Thanks Michelle

    I love it when someone affirms my status as an expert.

    I hope you’re having an excellent day.

    Your friend across the pond

    David Verney recently posted… The Past, Present and Future of Gaming, Computer and Internet TechnologyMy Profile

  5. I like this one best: “Life is richest when we become good at a lot of different things.” I particularly like that it says “good”, not “expert”. Thanks for the share, Michelle!
    Delia recently posted… Spice up your Linkedin profile with a creative headlineMy Profile

  6. It’s easy to overlook you’re an expert when you lack confidence and you compare yourself to others. We are all experts at many things, we just need to build our confidence, stop comparing, own our strengths and step into our divine purpose.
    Adalia recently posted… Why are We Uncomfortable with Silence?My Profile

  7. In my experience, there is that very fine line between being a “jane/jack-of-all-trades” and spreading yourself to thin. I usually find myself to be doing the latter much to my chagrin. This a great piece of advice, what you wrote. But we still have to be careful and take time to actually learn and enjoy. We cannot be “experts enough” without constant study and practice. “Praxis”, putting theory into practice, makes perfect.
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