Are You in Love With Your Business?

Today’s about love… so let’s celebrate the businesses and entrepreneurial pursuits we love!

Here’s some of what I love about my business:

I get to work from home and be here for my family, while supporting other entrepreneurs in their businesses.  I get to work with amazing people who are making a difference in the world.

Your turn!

Post a comment with a link to your website and what you love about your business.

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  1. Michelle,

    I definitely love what I do. My business is ever changing so it does not get boring. I work at a young, dynamic, and growing company. We are always on the look out for new ideas if we don’t create them ourselves.

    I have been involved in print and mail for over 20 years and today’s digital world has presented a whole host of new challenges that keep us on our toes!


    1. I can imagine that’s got to be a constantly changing industry to be involved with, Marc. :)
      Michelle Shaeffer recently posted… Do You Know Who’s Talking About You on Twitter?My Profile

  2. I love to teach. I love that I get to help people and encourage them in their creativity and developing their skills.
    Sharon Gibson recently posted… 7 Writing Tips From A Famous Author–Charles DickensMy Profile

    1. Awesome. Creativity is so important, and so often squashed out of us in childhood… I love to see teachers encouraging that!
      Michelle Shaeffer recently posted… Three Quick & Easy Ways to Get More Traffic From TwitterMy Profile

  3. i am totally in love with what i do :)
    graphic designer and blogger, working from home, caring for son and 2 cats, having the freedom to work my times.
    this means as well that i don.t have to drop down the mouse when i am still in the flow because i have to head home … dinner can be cooked while photoshop saves the file :)

    and i love to work with the people who hire me, the challenges they bring up to me, the interaction.
    seeing the evolution of a piece of graphic from the first idea until the bright smile in the clients face when we finally got what she wants to express.

    i am visualizing your thoughts and desires.
    helen bogun recently posted… Social Media ChucksMy Profile

  4. We can have love with our business if that is of our interest ..Thanks
    Amit recently posted… How to Build Trust in the age of Link Building?My Profile

  5. I am passionate about being an entrepreneur and the freedom that it brings. It allowed me to raise my four children as a solo parent. I enjoy helping female entrepreneurs to become empowered with confidence to take action for a profitable business and their personal development. Sometimes I have to remind myself to step away. Stepping away is important to keep the passion burning.
    Adalia John recently posted… Valentine’s Day Quotes: 13 Love Quotes to Express Your LoveMy Profile

    1. Yes, stepping away allows for many things,

      – a rest, which is a physiological need for the body and the brain;
      – taking in new elements that will enrich our experience and refresh our view and take on our passion;
      – remaining a whole human being, nurturing the many aspects that comprise our human nature.

      Nice meeting you, Adalia :)
      WritersWritingWords (Eleni) recently posted… Dionysus, The Greek God’s Heart updated Wed Feb 15 2012 4:51 am ESTMy Profile

    2. That’s great Adalia.Hope you will get things that you want ..
      Amit recently posted… How to Build Trust in the age of Link Building?My Profile

  6. I love that as “The Wardrobe Wizard,” I can help women all over the world “shop their closets, save money and look great everyday. I can do this from my home, because I can now do image consultations on-line, using digital pictures. Nancy Goldblatt, Color 1, Personal Image Consultant.

  7. Hi Michelle,

    Great topic!

    I love that I am constantly learning and constantly being challenged in my business. I ran an e-commerce store for 2 years and blogging took a backseat. But now, I’m upping my blogging and it could not be better!

    The challenges are nothing compared to the “yes, that makes sense” feeling!
    Christine Brady recently posted… How to Find a Profitable NicheMy Profile

  8. Oh absolutely not! :)

    – I work at home
    – I live a laptop/cellphone lifestyle
    – I have time to do what I want
    – I have an uncapped income
    – We are impacting the world

    What could be better? Can’t think of anything. Thanks for the reminder!
    Brock Blohm recently posted… How To Become Successful In Network MarketingMy Profile

    1. Oh absolutely**

      (not sure why I added the ‘not’) Mind must have been in multiple places :P
      Brock Blohm recently posted… How To Become Successful In Network MarketingMy Profile

  9. Hi Everyone!

    What I love about my business includes:
    – the passion I feel for the variety and types of projects
    – partnering with absolutely wonderful clients
    – that I am building something of my own
    – the extra financial security

    Please feel most welcome to pop by my website/blog at

    Cheers, Caylie
    Caylie Price, Better Business Better Life recently posted… A Small Biz Owner’s Guide To Their Valentine’s DayMy Profile

  10. I love having control of my day (actually the baby has control of the day come to think of it), choosing my hours, being available to all my kids when I’m needed (even the older ones still need their mommy once in awhile LOL) and having the luxury to walk away for awhile when it’s needed. I love having control of what I do and with whom. I love not having to answer to someone else or being told I can’t do something because it’s against company policy. I write my own policy!
    Kimberly ~ Gypsy recently posted… Valentine’s Day ~ Spreading the LoveMy Profile

  11. I love helping people recover their true selves and find joy in life again. I love creating products that will help people. I love being able to take care of *me* every day without worrying about “clocking in” or dealing with corporate rules. I love knowing that I can follow my bliss and make the world a better place all at the same time. And on a mundane level, I LOVE working in my pj’s.
    Mary recently posted… Daily Devotional Energy: Cultivate The HabitMy Profile

  12. I do business by heart and sharing great information to everyone. My site is about XHTML tutorial so that those who want to know about XHTML you can directly click the commentLuv. I really love and want to teach those who love to know about XHTML.
    Farrel recently posted… First XHTML ExampleMy Profile

  13. With a background as translator, wordsmith and educator,
    I love expressing myself, and at the same time

    educating and entertaining people,

    spreading the word about Greek culture, traditions and history (past and present),

    motivating and inspiring, I hope.

    My newborn website and blog is
    and I’m currently working on bringing it to shape :)
    WritersWritingWords (Eleni) recently posted… Dionysus, The Greek God’s Heart updated Wed Feb 15 2012 4:51 am ESTMy Profile

  14. I love my business as a women and minority brand strategist.

    I enjoy seeing the happy and confident faces of my clients when they finally create their profitably branded blueprint that allows them to market a beloved brand that allows them to get noticed, get clients and get paid for their expertise so that they can enjoy their preferred lifestyle.

    And the best of it all is that I get to do all these in the comfort of my home while being there for my family.

  15. I certainly did NOT forget to post my VD card on the wall yesterday… It has survived the demise of marriages, parents, friends, and lovers… It’s been one of my SO’s for nigh four decades now….
    Roy A. Ackerman, Ph.D., E.A. recently posted… That aspirin tablet- NOT so fast!!!My Profile

  16. I love that I can be a woman and nurture the fem. in my biz. I love that there is no chain of command. I love that I can lead with my emotions, give from my heart, share my life exp., reach out globally with the click of my mouse and most of all I love that I prioritize family and faith first no one judges me and I can reward myself financially through my efforts while achieving my life purpose and responsibility.

  17. Michelle,
    I love the positive feedback from my clients when I relieve them of their struggle of transforming their ideas into words. I get to help them by freeing up their time so they get to do what they love best.

    I love presenting seminars & helping people better understand how to boost their marketing efforts.

    And, last but not least, I love the people I connect with, not just my clients, but colleagues (such as you) that I meet online via social media or at live events.
    Have a great day. Happy belated Valentines’ Day. :)
    Debra Jason recently posted… The Best Social Networker I Know – My DogMy Profile

  18. I don’t have a business, but yes I love to write and I am glad I made it work! :)
    Hajra recently posted… Suffering from Blogging Conformity?My Profile

  19. I LOVE watching my clients shine!!!
    Always have, always will – it’s what makes it all worth while.
    They often thank me for helping them to change, when really I’ve just accompanied them on their own journey of change.
    Seeing someone create their dream job, business or life just always thrills me even after nearly 20 years. The day it doesn’t is the day to change my job lol.
    Heather xx
    Heather Bestel recently posted… Welcome ~ Be inspired to achieve your dreamsMy Profile

  20. I would get out of it if I weren’t in love with it. I’m an entrepreneur and wouldn’t change that for anything. When I get to the point of not loving my business that when it’s time to move onto something new because it’s the love and excitement for it that makes me successful.
    Jim Jenks recently posted… My skin looks awesome!!My Profile

  21. I love the fact that I can work from home and help others. I can provide valuable information and content that others can share with other people.

  22. Hi,
    Business is my part and parcel of my life. I love it very much.
    James Martin recently posted… Watch the Olympics live onlineMy Profile

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