Awesome Plugins You Might Not Know About Yet

Here are four awesome plugins you may not have heard of — yet — but you’ll want to know about them.

One of the cool benefits of working with so many bloggers is that I run across all sorts of challenges which lead me to interesting plugins and solutions.

If you’ve had these challenges or questions, you’ll find answers in the plugins below:

  • How to safely change your permalinks in WordPress
  • Why & how to add Google +1 to your website or blog
  • How to add custom CSS code to WordPress posts or pages that doesn’t get eradicated by the WordPress visual editor (which likes to eat CSS and iframe codes…)
  • How to easily add custom text to the bottom of posts in your RSS feed

Permalink Migrations

You know your link structure is important for search engine rankings, but if you’ve been blogging for a while, changing all of your links can cause all sorts of problems like lost search engine traffic and broken links all through your site.

With the Permalink Migrations plugin you can safely change your permalinks without 404 (page not found) errors.  It writes the code that tells your server what to do to direct visitors to the new versions of your links so all your old links keep working.

Google Plus One

Google’s hit the social sharing scene with a their new “+ 1” voting system.  What is it?

And why’s it matter? Jym Tarrant did a nice write up on his blog of why you want to use Google +1 and how you can leverage it, so check that out here:

Three ways to add it to your blog:

Custom CSS Coding

If you’ve struggled with adding custom CSS to specific pages or posts on your WordPress site, the answer just might be this plugin: (scroll down and look for the “download” button)

I like to be able to modify specific pages on my own blog and for client projects and it’s been driving me crazy that if I edit in code mode (the HTML tab) and save, my code works, but if someone else goes in and edits the post/page in visual mode (the WYSIWYG editor) then my code gets modified by the editor and doesn’t work anymore.

This plugin works beautifully.  You can add your custom CSS code in a box below the content box and it won’t get eaten by the editor.  YAY!

RSS Feed Footer

With this plugin you can add a custom message to the footer of your RSS feed.  You may want to add a copyright notice, invitation to share your content, or invitation to sign up for your ezine.

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  1. Fabulous, Michelle!

    There’s only ONE stop I’ll ever need to make in the blogosphere for plugin info and suggestions — right HERE.

    You always share the coolest and most helpful plugins — thanks! I’d like to give the Google Plus One a go. BTW, I just “plus 1’d” this post. :)
    Melanie Kissell recently posted… This Is Not What I Signed Up ForMy Profile

  2. I love +1. I have used WordPress in the past, but use blogger these days. Any tips?

  3. This is really useful info Michelle. Thanks for sharing.

    1. You’re welcome, Margaret. :)

  4. Thank you for your great tips about WordPress plugins. Found the permalink one very useful.

    1. You’re welcome, Nicky. I was pretty excited to find that one because changing permalinks before was a tough decision. With that plugin, it’s an easier choice. :)

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  6. As always, more great information Michelle. I wondered what Google +1 was and now I know. Thanks!!!
    Rhonda Neely recently posted… Over 675 Gifts Are Waiting For You Here… FREE Download!My Profile

    1. Their video explains it really well. Neat idea and I love that it’s tied directly to the search engine.

  7. Oh so this is the +1 thingy I have heard no I see it , Thank You! I was lost :)
    margret recently posted… whirligig folk artMy Profile

    1. Yes, that’s it! Glad it was helpful.
      Michelle Shaeffer recently posted… Driven Crazy Relentless FocusedMy Profile

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  9. This is a useful info about WordPress plugins. I wondered what Google +1 was all about and now I know. Thank you for sharing.

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