Be 007 on Twitter

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Twitter.  James Twitter.

With a license to tweet.

What does James Bond have going for him other than stylish good looks, keen intellect, and a license to kill?  Super cool tools and gadgets!

Be a 007 on Twitter with this list of tools and gadgets to help you find connections, manage your friends and followers, schedule your tweets and save time.

Find Friends & Connections

Save time when looking for people to connect with by using one of these tools.

  • Twitter’s Who to Follow: Looks through your existing connections and tweets, then makes suggestions for new connections based on your existing patterns.  (Sign in to Twitter first, then go to the link.)
  • Twellow: Twellow is the yellow pages for Twitter. You can easily search by category, keyword, or geographical area. You can also get suggestions of who to connect with.
  • Listorious: Find and interview Twitter users with this directory/question site.

Manage Your Followers

As you grow your following on Twitter it can get time-consuming to manage your connections.

  • Twitter Karma: Find out who you’re following that isn’t active on Twitter or isn’t following you anymore and unfollow them with this tool.
  • Friend or Follow: Another tool to help you track who is following you and who isn’t.
  • Formulist: Automated, smart lists of your followers based on different criteria.

Share Files, Pictures & Audio

Got a cool photo to share? Thoughts to record and broadcast through Twitter?

  • TwitPic: Easily upload and share photos with this website.
  • TweetCube: Lets you share files up to 10mb including audio, video and pictures.
  • CinchCast: Record from your computer or phone and share your thoughts on Twitter.

Direct Message Your Connections

Sometimes it can be helpful to send a direct message to more than one of your connections at once.

  • TweetGuru: You can send one direct message to up to 12 of your connections at the same time with TweetGuru.

Pre-Schedule Tweets

You can pre-schedule tweets to appear as status updates at the time and date you choose with HootSuite or Social Oomph.

  • HootSuite: This website allows you to pre-schedule tweets as well as cross-post them to your Facebook profile or fan pages, LinkedIn profile, and more. You can also use it to manage multiple Twitter accounts.  This is what I use personally (and it’s an affiliate link).
  • Social Oomph: Prescheduling tweets is only one of the features of Social Oomph. For power users this is a great tool.

Check Your Stats & Influence

Are you making connections on Twitter? Growing your influence? These tools help you check.

  • Twitter Grader: This site ranks Twitter users on a scale of 1 to 100 and alerts you to any problem areas for your account.
  • TweetStats: Find out how much you’re tweeting, who you’re tweeting with the most, who you’re re-tweeting the most, and more.
  • Twitter Counter: Another Twitter stats analyzer – this one can email you a weekly report.

Backup Your Tweets

Don’t loose your content or followers! Use one of these tools to safely backup your Twitter.

  • Backupify: Web based backup for Twitter (and other social networks and apps). Automated backups.
  • TweetBackup: Backup your posts and friends lists. This one runs daily once you set it up.
  • BackupMyTweets: Daily backup that allows you to download in HTML, XML or JSON.

Track & Spy Tools

  • Spy: Find the latest mentions of a phrase or keyword across multiple sites including Twitter.
  • TweetBeep: Get an email alert when a phrase or keyword is mentioned on Twitter.
  • Twilert: Another keyword alert service.

HootSuite - Social Media Dashboard

If you’re new to Twitter or still learning, check out my YouTube video tutorials (free):

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And if you liked this post, check out Twitter Success Strategies–it’s got all the info to make these tools work for you (including step by step videos) and more:

What are your favorite Twitter tools?

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  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Terri Zwierzynski, Michelle Shaeffer. Michelle Shaeffer said: Be 007 on Twitter #blogboost #shineonline […]

  2. Love the headline and the humor! I also love hootsuite – great for posting to your social media accounts. I have found it difficult to get ‘results’ from tweeting when you don’t have a physical ‘product’ that you’re selling. I have people following me, but mostly because they are marketing their stuff to me. Any suggestions?

    1. Hey Cindy, isn’t HootSuite great? :)

      Yes, there are a lot of marketers who aren’t really connecting but just trying to sell on Twitter.

      I’ve found the best approach to Twitter (for me) is to use it more for connecting than for selling. My goals are to get more traffic back to my site and to get to know people. So instead of aiming for an immediate sale from a tweet, I’m aiming more just to get myself and my website noticed and grow my opt-in list.

      That’s not to say I don’t promote products/services/affiliate links, but it’s not the main thing I’m measuring as far as results.

  3. Totally awesome post. You never cease to amaze me with your Twitter tips and resources. There are several that I am not familiar with and could sure use. Can’t wait to share this with my readers. Oh and I really love the humor, very engaging!!!!!!

    Linette Daniels

    1. There are so many great tools for Twitter — makes it easier to use effectively. :)

  4. Hi Michelle,

    Thank you so much for your recent post. I thought it was a great and had several helpful ideas! Have a wonderful evening,


  5. Nice article, I love Hootsuite too, starting to use it more for managing Twitter. I think twitterKarma is great too (and v. interesting)

    Am quite puzzled about backing up your tweets – can we really lose them?

    I would also like to go back and delete a lot of old tweets, but going back seems to grind the pc to a halt – any thoughts?
    nick goddard recently posted… To Tender or Not to TenderMy Profile

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