Bet You Can’t Choose Just One

Yesterday I was asked on Twitter what one resource I’d recommend for beginning bloggers.  One?!  Just one?!

I couldn’t pick just one.  Really, there’s so much great stuff out there, I had trouble narrowing it down from the first dozen that popped into my head.

But with some effort, I narrowed it down to three choices.  These are for any level of blogger and the platform you’re blogging on (WordPress, Blogger, TypePad, etc) doesn’t matter.

If you’re a beginning blogger I also recommend getting some good training on whatever specific platform you’ve chosen so you can learn the time saving tricks, best practices, and advanced strategies that work best for it.

31 Days to Build a Better Blog

This book is awesome.  So awesome that I’ve gone through it multiple times on my own and as part of a group of bloggers (through the 31 Days Blog Challenge I co-host with Lisbeth Tanz).

It’s a great value for $19.99 — on May 10th, 2011 the price is going up to $29.99 so if you’re thinking about it, grab it now.

Get your copy here:

Chris Brogan’s Blog Topics

I wrote about this a while back.  I’m still subscribed.  Every week he sends out not only blogging ideas but also tips for better blogging and writing.

Check it out here:

Subscribe to CopyBlogger

Copyblogger is one of the few blogs I read every single time it lands in my inbox.  I’ve never read a post that I didn’t get value from.

Subscribe free here:

What Else?

I also love highly recommend getting involved in blog challenges, commenting tribes, and just engaging with other bloggers in your niche and in the wider blogging community.  The resources I’ve recommended above are some of the “big names” — and they’re big for a reason (they’re worth following).

But there are hundreds (thousands?) of successful bloggers in their niches who are offering great advice, making a difference, and running profitable blogs.  So see who’s around you.  Run them through your own filters and you’ll find lots of places to learn.  Being able to reach out for a helping hand from someone who’s fought through whatever challenge you’re fighting at the moment is invaluable.

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  1. Michelle,

    You are right I could not just choose one. And the three choices you have made are on my list. They are perfect for the beginner.

    31 Days To A Better Blog has been on of the best investments I have ever made. It is so simple and basic to everyone.

    Plus your suggestion of for getting training on the platform you choose is an absolute must. No matter what platform you are on, making it work the best for you can take a little technical know how.
    Sheila Atwood recently posted… Twitter Tools That Make Your Tweets Really SingMy Profile

    1. Right – any level blogger can benefit from ProBlogger’s book. Every time I go through I find more I can improve. But it’s also so simple that I learned from it when I first picked it up when I was barely blogging.

      Knowing some of the little tricks and helpful plugins for WordPress saves me SO much time!

  2. Like Sheila, I’m giving two thumbs up for the three resources you’ve shared for newbie bloggers — ya can’t go wrong with these, that’s for sure!

    On the flip side of the (blogging) coin …

    For “seasoned” bloggers, I recommend your guide, “Rock Your Blog”. Not just saying that because I love you. It’s darned good and a very valuable resource.

    Back to the newbies …

    In addition to the three resources you’ve listed, I will also suggest beginning bloggers check out Melanie Nelson’s site,

    Great post (of course, I’m a sucker for a ‘list’ post!) :)
    Melanie Kissell recently posted… 5 Monster Size Marketing MistakesMy Profile

    1. Thanks, Melanie, I appreciate that. :)

      Ooooh and thanks for the new link – I haven’t been to that one yet and love exploring new resources.

  3. Hey Michelle,
    Nice information there.I really like blog challenges.On the whole I feel anything and everything is good when it comes to learning.
    Shivam Garg recently posted… NetHosting Discount CodeMy Profile

    1. Hi Shivam, blog challenges have been a great strategy for me to connect with other bloggers, and stay motivated to post frequently. :)

  4. Hi Michelle,
    Thanks for the Chris Brogan link, off to check it out now. And sign up for copyblogger newsletter, forgot about that one ;~)

    1. Enjoy! They’re both fabulous resources.

  5. Michelle,

    Thanks for the list! I like the “31days blog challenge” since it gives me a deadline and urgency for each improvement on my blog.
    Andrew Walker recently posted… MonHosteur Promotional CodeMy Profile

  6. Yeah you’re right on the spot there mate. I couldn’t pick just one out of those 3. Those three are just really perfect for a beginner you know.
    Andrew Walker recently posted… Iolo Coupon CodeMy Profile

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