Comments are always welcome!  :)  I appreciate your feedback and thoughts. Opposing viewpoints or additional ideas are invited.  I don’t promise to agree with you but I won’t censor comments just because they’re a different opinion.  That being said, I’ve got 10 rules and I will moderate, edit, and delete as appropriate to keep this blog clean and relevant.

1) Comments are moderated. If you’ve had comments approved you may be set to unmoderated.  All comments with more than one link are held for moderation.

2) Your name goes in the name field. Not your keywords or business name.  If there’s no name in the name field, I will either edit your comment to put your name in the name field (if you included it in your comment) or delete it.

3) I don’t have “nofollow” in my links because I want you to get benefit from your comment linking back to your site.  Don’t take advantage of this policy by posting irrelevant links.  Relevant links are always welcome.  If you link to an online pharmacy, adult site, or other icky thing I’ll mark your comment spam.

4) Your email is required but will remain private and only be used to send you a thank you note or follow up comments if you requested notification.

5) I reserve the right to edit comments for glaring spelling or grammatical errors.  I won’t edit the meaning of your comment.

6) I don’t allow profanity and will edit to filter it out or delete your comment.

7) I don’t allow flaming. Personal attacks on me or any other commenter will be deleted.  I’ve never had to do this yet so don’t be the first, okay?

8) You may add helpful links in your comment (for example to other resources on the same topic).  If you’ve got blog posts on your own blog or pages on your own site that are relevant it’s just fine to link to them.

9) You may add a short signature to your comment if you’d like.  Just keep it to 2 lines please.

10) If you say something really nice, I reserve the right to put it on my testimonials page or use it elsewhere but only with attribution to you and a link to your website where appropriate.

Oh… and one more thing… I also reserve the right to send you a gift if you’re a frequent commenter on my blog.  ;)

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