Blogging Like a Clover: Encourage Sharing

Today we’re on the final leaf of the lucky four-leaf clover for blogs.  (Find all four leaves here:

Leaf #4: Make Your Blog Easy to Share & Encourage Sharing

The final leaf in the lucky four-leaf clover for blogs is to make your blog easy to share and encourage sharing.
Why do you want your blog to be easy to share?
  • If it’s easy, readers are more likely to share your content.
  • Some visitors will tweet or like a post even when they aren’t ready to comment–and getting them to take some action gives you a connection with them.
  • Readers can help you get your content out to their network, which reaches new readers and visitors that you wouldn’t reach otherwise.
  • It’s a powerful form of social proof when someone sees your content being widely shared and promoted.
  • It helps you know which of your posts are connecting with your audience.

How can you make your posts easy to share and encourage sharing?

  1. Install sharing plugins.
  2. Ask readers to share your posts.
  3. Thank readers who do share.

Install Sharing Plugins

My favorite plugins to make my blog easier to share are:

You can see each of these plugins in action on the post you’re reading right now.  If you’re not using WordPress check out as an easy way to add sharing to your website.

Ask Readers to Share Your Posts

How can you ask readers to share your posts?  The first step is to invite them to do it by making those buttons easy to find so it only take a few seconds.

But don’t be afraid to also invite them to share your content in your post, tweets, on Facebook, or in your ezine.

You might also consider making it easy for people to share you by offering free articles for reprint either on your own site with a Creative Commons or similar license, or through somewhere like

Thank Readers Who Share

If someone shares your post on Twitter, tweet them a thank you.  On Facebook, comment on their post or hit like.  Take time to connect with people who share your content and let them know you appreciate them sharing it.  They’ll be more likely to share again.

What are your favorite ways to make your blog easier to share?  Or your favorite plugins for sharing?

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  1. Michelle,

    I am amazed at how many people make it difficult to share their posts or to follow them on the social media sites.

    It is also important to use those share buttons. If you enjoy a post take a minute to share it with others. I don’t understand how a blog could have 10 comments and only a couple of RTs.
    Sheila Atwood recently posted… The Blog Challenge Rolls Out With Guidelines and PrizesMy Profile

    1. Me, too, Sheila. I try to share posts anyway if they’re helpful but I know the blog owners would get so many more people sharing if they made it easier.

      I kind of laugh when I see that — it takes a few minutes to comment, but only a few seconds to tweet! :)
      Michelle Shaeffer recently posted… Blogging Like a Clover- Encourage SharingMy Profile

  2. thanks for sharing wonderful series of post. If a article is good sharing should be encouraged by readers.
    Vivek Parmar recently posted… How-To Guide Change and Edit Footer In Genesis WordPress ThemeMy Profile

    1. Thanks, Vivek. Yes, when we know our content is helpful, we want to encourage sharing!

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