Breathe. Balance. Grow.

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This year I jumped on the three words theme bandwagon.  I tried to set one word last year but never really could decide on just one.  I set some specific # goals but didn’t set resolutions.  I like the idea of three words to remember.

I’ve seen the idea a few places and don’t recall where first, but recently Ria from Ria’s Collectables shared hers in a comment on my blog and it made me consider it.

This year mine will be:  Breathe.  Balance.  Grow.

Breathe because I’ve got to remember to do that more often.  We had a serious health scare with one of my kids a few months ago and it took my husband and multiple friends to pull me back from panic.  I know that’s normal for moms, I also need to learn to just stop and breathe and wait instead of wasting energy on the “what if” before it happens.

Balance because I’ve got to work on that.  I tend to compartmentalize my day and while that’s good and focus is necessary I never want to let myself get so focused or busy that I forget WHY I’m doing what I’m doing.  Big picture.

Grow because in both my business and personal life that’s my goal this year.  I’m working on my personal head garbage and I have to grow there before my business can grow.

So, what’s yours?  Are you doing the one word theme?  Three word theme?  Settings resolutions?  Intentions?  I’d love to know!

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  1. I love your three words, I just feel calm and poised reading them. The words that I have chosen this year and ‘connecion’ and ‘joy’.
    Here’s to a year of words and inspiration!

  2. After reading Mari Smith’s post, I have been thinking about it a lot and finally chose CONTROL. Check out my #blogboost post on why.
    I like your three words, too. Here’s to achieving all of our goals in 2011!

  3. Those three words are calming!

    My theme for the year is “remember who you are.” I mean that in a spiritual sense. I was doing a meditation for intuitive guidance and got lots of information about what to expect this year in terms of spiritual and personal growth. This seemed to be the overall theme, so it’s a kind of shorthand.


  4. Graciousness. Balance. Diligence.
    I have always found it difficult to go with just one word….it is even difficult for me to narrow it down to three!
    Have a most beautiful day!

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  6. I Love this idea- yes I agree 1 can be too restrictive- I nearly chose focus too, but know it wouldn’t get me up in the morning
    Still working on mine- have come up with Manifesting magic so far

  7. So many ways to keep us on track for the year. I like the 3 word concept. Less than a laundry list of goals, but more than just one word.

    I’m working the word and goals angle. The word for the year: EXUBERANCE!!!

    Thanks for hosting the Ultimate Blog Challenge.

  8. I must remember these words. Wonderful post. Thanks (yet again) for inspiration :-)

  9. Can I throw something out there?

    The 3 words are good, I like 1 (my word for the year is courage) but underpinning all that are my top 10 values (to give an example, I have freedom, fairness, integrity, connection, work-life balance, etc) so if I’m ever conflicted about decisions, etc. I first check in with my word for the year, if that doesn’t help, ask “how does this align with my values?”

    Hope this helps :)

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