Build a Following on Twitter With #Hashtag Tips

One of the strategies I use to build a following on Twitter is to share helpful tips and articles as often as possible. If you’re doing the same, consider using this strategy to take your tips to the next level.

1. Start by compiling a list of 30 short tips on a specific topic. Remember they need to be under 140 characters. And if you want to encourage others to re-tweet them for you, keep them even shorter (around 100 characters or so).

2. If some of the tips you want to share are too long, write a blog post or article explaining it, then add the URL to the tip. Use a URL shortener like to make sure it’s not too long.

3. Choose an appropriate #hashtag and add it to your tips.

So you’ll end up with tips like this:

  • Save time by writing your posts in batches and scheduling them in advance #blogtip
  • Create a gravatar at and your photo will show with your comments #blogtip
  • Try CommentLuv to make it easier to get to know your regular blog readers #blogtip
  • Leverage: repurpose your blog posts into articles, free reports, and more #blogtip

Or with URLs like this:

  • Reward your blog commenters and keep them talking #blogtip
  • How to make your blog easy for readers to share #blogtip

4. Create an account at HootSuite and schedule your tips.

You can schedule one tip each day for the month. Once it’s done your HootSuite account will automatically tweet your tip for you. Just repeat this process at the beginning of each month (or have your virtual assistant set up the tweets for you).

If you’re active on Facebook or LinkedIn you can use HootSuite to send your tips to those networks as well and help even more people. Add those accounts and then you can post to all three with one scheduled status update.

When you consistently share helpful tips, and make it easy for your followers to find them by including a #hashtag, you’ll find your followers look forward to your daily tips.

Bonus Tips:

  • Once you’ve got your first set of 30 tips done, start on a second set for another topic. Give them a different #hashtag and schedule them to post at a different time each day.
  • Consider creating a set of tweet tips that promote your favorite past blog articles.
  • You can also use this strategy to share your favorite quotes.
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  1. Hi,
    I love your post! just what i needed to help me repurpose old post and i love the part where i can schedule tweets as short tips.
    I love it.
    Pamela Evbota recently posted… Whatchya Waiting For Appoint Yourself the Expert!My Profile

  2. Nice post, Michelle, and what a smart, simple strategy for building Twitter followers. I plan to apply the lesson. Thanks!

    1. You’re welcome, Keith. Glad it was helpful and something you can use.

  3. What perfect timing! I’m a new blogger trying to develop a following. (Love the Ultimate Blog Challenge, btw!) I’ve been thinking more about hashtags and wondering how I can use them to my advantage. This is a great idea that I never would have thought of on my own. Thank you!
    AJ LoRe recently posted… How Often Should You Reapply Sunscreen on Your ToddlerMy Profile

    1. Glad you’re participating in the blog challenge, AJ! This is a great way to get started with the hashtags. And I love ideas that let us create something once and keep using it.

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  5. I could just hug you for suggesting Hoot Suite!! I had barely heard of it before this post. Now, I need to come up with tips to schedule.

    Jeanine Byers Hoag recently posted… Describing the Stress that Can Be DeadlyMy Profile

    1. Awesome! Yes, HootSuite totally rocks. I <3 it.

  6. Hi Michelle – this is so helpful. I have hootsuite but haven’t been pre-setting for a month at a time. So, instead of posting the same tweet / tip every few hours (which some people recommend), you have a few categories of tips and post them at different times throughout the day, right?

    1. It depends. I do both depending on the tweet. My blog posts I tweet out 2 or 3 times different times of the day. My #tips though I set once a day so I might have #blogtip going out in the morning and #wahmtip later in the day.

  7. I schedule my tweets through socialoomph. Once in a blue, blue moon I use hash tags. I am going to use hash tags more frequently and strategically . Useful information. Thanks Michelle.
    Adalia recently posted… What IfMy Profile

  8. Thanks so much. Great post. I was always confused on how to use hashtags. Your website has been so helpful. I just have to put everything into practice.
    Sharlene recently posted… 10 Lessons Learned After A Group DiscussionMy Profile

  9. “Create an account at HootSuite and schedule your tips.”

    I scheduled a month’s worth of tip tweets in 90 minutes! And I got some good article ideas in the process.
    Nadira Jamal recently posted… The Learning SpiralMy Profile

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