Building Connections – 5 Reasons to Send a Card to a Potential Client Or Joint Venture Partner

Is there someone you’d like to connect with who could become a perfect client for you, or a great joint venture partner? Building your business is all about building relationships. Try sending them an old-fashioned card through the mail.

It’s always nice to get an unexpected card in the mail and people tend to save them much longer than email or voice mail so skip the digital options one time and grab a pack of real cards from your local store or get your own Send Out Cards account. Most websites include a mailing address in the footer of their pages or on their contact page where you can find their mailing information.

Here are 5 great reasons to send a card to someone you want to connect with. These work best if the person you’re trying to get to know better and build a relationship with is already aware you exist. Think of it as one tactic in your overall connection strategy.

Holiday: Send a holiday card. Pick a unique holiday or one that somehow connects to the person. For example, if you’re connecting with someone who loves coffee, send them a card on National Coffee Day (September 29). Or if they’re an outdoorsman, send a card on National Hunting and Fishing Day (September 25).

Just a Note: How about just sending a nice note? Find a motivational or inspirational card to send–no occasion or reason needed.

Compliment: Did the person launch a new website, introduce a great product (that you’ve purchased), or do something else you can send a compliment for. Be smart about this one and don’t approach it like a stalker — you might not win them over by telling them how great they looked in that Facebook photo of them in a bikini while swimming on vacation in Hawaii. But a sincere note about what a great job they did on their newest product could be received well.

Congratulation: Has the person recently won an award, been profiled on a big-time website, or otherwise honored? Send a congratulations card. It’s nice when someone recognizes an achievement, especially if it was something the person worked hard to accomplish.

Thank You: What can you thank the person for? Did a recent blog post or newsletter article encourage you or help you accomplish something? Let them know. We all love to hear that what we’re sharing is connecting with our readers and helping them in some way.

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  1. Michelle,

    Great ideas! We all know how valuable e-mails and other electronic communication is in today’s business environment but we have lost some of the personal touch of the past. This would make the sender stand out. I get a few cards from vendors here and there, mostly at Christmas. The ones that are personalized really stand out. Thanks for sharing.

    Christian Paulsen recently posted… The Hardest of the 5S’s – SustainMy Profile

  2. Michelle,

    These ways to connect will be well received because they are personal, fresh and unexpected. We are bombarded with e-mails and tend to overlook, ignore and skim them.

    Thanks for reminding us that a personal touch is still a good business practice!

    Marsha recently posted… Inspiration and creativity in strange places and at odd timesMy Profile

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