Building Long-Term Clients – 14 Reasons to Send a Card to a Client

Successful businesses know that by connecting with their clients and building relationships they get longer-term customers and more referrals.  Do you have an active client connection strategy?  Does it include sending cards yet?  If not, add the tactic!  Here are 14 reasons you can use to send a card through the mail to a client.

1.  New Client: Welcome your new clients by sending them a card in the mail. Include a welcome message along with contact information for support and any other helpful information they might need.

2.  Anniversary: Has your client been with you 6 months?  1 year?  2 years?  5 Years?  All great times to send a card and thank them for their business.

3.  Congratulations: Did you see your client’s business featured somewhere?  Did they win an award or get great press?  Send a card to congratulate them.

4.  Just Staying in Touch: Send a random inspirational card just to stay in touch and let them know you appreciate their business and support.

5.  Thanks for the Referral: Reward behaviour that you want to encourage.  Consider including a gift card or small gift along with the card.

6.  Thanks for the Mention: Did a client blog about you or mention you on a social network?  Great reason to send a card to say thanks.

7.  Long-time Client: If you have a loyal client who’s been with you for a long-time, send a card just to thank them for their loyalty.  You might also include a special discount code for them or a link to exclusive access to a resource or product as a thank you.

8.  Great to Work With: Is there a client you look forward to working with?  Let them know they brighten your day and that you’re honored to support them and be a small part of their success, if you offer a business support product/service.  Or tell them how much you enjoy creating (product X) for their family.

9.  Compliments: Has the client recently launched a new website, created a new product, or something else you can compliment them on?  Everyone loves sincere words of praise, especially if they worked hard to achieve or complete something.

10.  Holiday: There are hundreds of holidays.  Find one and send a card.  To stand out, choose a non-traditional holiday that relates to the client.  For example, there’s an International Knit in Public Day on June 9th that would be a great time to send a card to a client who hand knits.  Or how about sending a card to a business or life coach during International Coaching Week?

11.  A Gift: Send a card with a small gift, just to let your client know you appreciate their business.  No holiday or special date necessary.

12.  New Service: Have you launched a new service that could benefit your client?  Let them know, and offer a special deal to them for the service.

13.  Connect them with Someone or Something: Did you spot a great resource that a particular client could benefit from?  Someone who could help one of your clients?  Send a card and let them know.

14.  Exclusive Invitation: What’s happening in your business that you can invite clients to?  Send an exclusive invitation through the mail.

This list is just the beginning.  There are many more reasons you can send cards to your clients.  Reach out and let them know you appreciate them!

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  1. Great list, Michelle!! Too much work, though. I mean, trying to use all of those reasons. I do send my distant healing clients cards for the holiday season.

    And I do have some lovely tea cards that would be nice to find reason to send. But I would probably send those to prospects. Or customers who purchase a lot.

    Jeanine Byers Hoag recently posted… What Limiting Beliefs Do You Need to Let Go Of Meditation Challenge- Day 12My Profile

    1. Oh, I wouldn’t try to send one card for every reason on the list to the same client! :) Unless we’re talking $100,000 goods/services it probably wouldn’t be worth the investment. lol But I get stuck once in a while for a reason to send one and decided I needed a list of reasons I could pick one from. ;)

  2. Would you consider a customer the same as a client? In my mind you have an on-going relationship with a client but not so much with customers. Would it be weird to send a card to a customer a year or more after they made their purchase? Just some random thoughts…

    ~Amy Sue
    Amy Sue recently posted… If you Give a Kid a CameraMy Profile

    1. You know, that’s a good question. I generally consider the terms interchangeable but maybe I need to think about that some more. :)

  3. What great reasons to send a card. As a card sender I have used most but not all! Page has been book marked!

  4. Great list Michelle. Some reasons I had never thought of. In this day of economic upheavel, I think people are more likely to be loyal to someone they think really cares about them.

    1. I agree. That personal connection and caring can go a long ways when the economy’s got everyone cutting back and looking for ways to save.

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