Can You Make 6 Figures with Social Media?

Do you want to know how to…

-> avoid social media time wasters

->turn your social media time into gold

->create a 6 figure business with just 6 clients

Check out this series of free videos from my friend Michele Scism (and yes, we’ve actually met in real life, and chat about things other than our latest joint ventures… you’ve seen me work with her for the Ultimate Blog Challenge and other projects so I’m not promoting this just to promote something):

In the videos, Michele will show you why local businesses are searching for *qualified* help with their social media marketing and how you can become the expert in your town for this service.

Michele will also introduce you to Rachel Strella.  Rachel built a six-figure social media management business in just 12 months.  You’ll also learn Michele’s 5 step system to turn the time you are already spending on social media into GOLD.  The third video puts all the pieces together and gives you an outline of how you can have six figure success using social media.

She’s good at breaking the overwhelming down into simple easy to understand action steps.  Many of her clients have seen big wins in their business by using just a few of her strategies.  To see Michele in action (and get a few tips you can use in your business today), just watch her free videos at:

P.S. The videos are only up through tonight (sorry for the late notice) so be sure to check them out today.

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  1. I think you need a good product to make good money on SM.
    The time needed to to get interest and connection makes it necessary to get quick results.It is also easy to get tied up and spend way to much unproductive time in Social Media.I might be to sceptical but that’s my opinon on making money on SM.
    Bjorn recently posted… 10 important WordPress theme factorsMy Profile

    1. It’s very easy to spend time just chatting or playing games instead of using social networking in a way that moves us towards our goals. Michele’s great at strategy for staying focused and making time count.

      I agree – you need a good product or service to make money on social media (or anywhere). :)

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