Celebrate World Introvert Day – With an “Unparty!” (Pants Not Required)

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If that feels like a map of your brain… then this is your invitation to join us for an Unparty!

Don’t leave home.

Don’t put on shoes. Or makeup. Or even pants, if you choose not to…

Just get your access link right here:


There’s zero cost to attend this unparty in celebration of our superpower!

If you’ve struggled with how to survive and thrive in today’s go-go-go, loud and intrusive world, you’re going to love what Alice Southern has put together.

From career experts, to conflict resolution, to finding your voice and speaking up – this unparty will deliver the ideas and tactics you just may have been (anxiously) waiting for.

See you there!

~ Signed, a fellow introvert (me)

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  1. thanks for sharing this article it’s fun to read.

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