Chirp Anyway

Do you worry that someone else is better at what you do than you are?

I’m not the best blogger or classical pianist in the world.  I blog and play anyway.

My two boys aren’t the best guitarists in the world.  They’re learning to play anyway.  And I love to hear them play.

My daughter isn’t really a princess.  But she sings and dances in her princess dress anyway.  And she brings a smile to those around her with her joy.

Whatever it is you do, whatever you care about, forget whether you’re the “best” — do it anyway and put your heart into it.

You’re you.  You’re unique.  You’re a reflection of the divine creator.  That’s more than good enough.  So go create.

Use what talents you possess; the woods would be very silent if no birds sang there except those that sang best. ~Henry Van Dyke

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  1. I really love this Michelle! It’s what I tell my friends often, to “Try Anyway.” Thank you for sharing the same encouragement for me :D

    1. We’ll never know just how much we can do or how far we can go until we try. :) Your friends are blessed to have your encouragement in their lives, Ebony.
      Michelle Shaeffer recently posted… How I Found My Blogging Magic–And How You Can Find Yours, Too!My Profile

      1. Thanks, Michelle! :D
        Ebony recently posted… Mountaintop RevelationsMy Profile

  2. Nice read, I think its fair to say that everyone is better at something than everyone else, think about that one, it makes sense when you get it. You are better than everyone else in the world at least at 1 thing, it might not be the same thing for everyone but there is something there.
    Lessa recently posted… Review sites and their discount codesMy Profile

  3. I used to get upset when I wasn’t the best until I learned that I am the BEST! Nobody can be a better me than me. This post encourages me to keep throwing my darts…I may not get a bull’s-eye each time, but the points will add up.

  4. It is always good to have a reminder. No one does anything the way we do, so embrace the uniqueness. Than you.
    Kama recently posted… Comment on From Self To Shelf: How to finish and publish your non-fiction book by Jose AntonioMy Profile

  5. I’m not a vocalist, but I sing in the shower anyway. :)

    LITTLE post …

    BIG message!
    Melanie Kissell recently posted… Got a Mission and a Big Goal – Need Your HelpMy Profile

  6. Thanks Michelle… great to be reminded of this.
    your post brought this quote to my mind:

    Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of somebody else. ~Judy Garland

    :) Jo

  7. Very true, Be yourself and don’t fear that someone is better than you.
    Aaron recently posted… Goa Carnival 2012My Profile

  8. Great one Michelle! Many of us gets depressed when someone does better than us. But who cares? that’s who we are. Whether we are being applauded to or being booed by anyone. It is still us. I agree with you, do not let other people control what you feel! We are created equals. Sometimes, we need to care for our selves also and not with what people may say.
    steve recently posted… Read some stress quotes and change your perspective on lifeMy Profile

  9. Great encouragement. Thanks!
    Bonnie Anderson recently posted… A Kindred SpiritMy Profile

  10. Exactly! Be yourself, everybody else is already taken :) Great post, and right on with the Ultimate Blog Challenge. Thanks!
    eosgrafx recently posted… How to add the Follow us on Twitter button to your blogMy Profile

  11. I totally agree that each one of us have a uniqueness.
    Melissa recently posted… dating,online dating,dating love stories,relationshipsMy Profile

  12. Great post, and great quote. I always appreciate reminders that I don’t have to be the best for it to be worth doing.

  13. love this post. embrace your skills and strengths.
    Stacie D Wyatt recently posted… The Daily Rehash ReviewMy Profile

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