Cool Tool: Mozy Backup

It’s not a good sign. The blue screen of death on my kids PC.  That spinning beachball of doom (sometimes it means just be patient, other times it means Eudora decided to eat my mail… again…) on my Mac.  Oh no!

I’ve got multiple backup drives, and I use them regularly.  But not every night.  My backup drive saves the most important files weekly, but a crash today could mean I’d lose up to 7 days worth of important email and work files.  And the most recent pictures of my kids, too!

A complete crash could spell minor or major disaster for a small business owner who stores everything from email and website files to financial records to client projects to virtual product files on the computer.  If you only do incremental backups to an external drive like me, or just haven’t gotten around to setting up a backup system yet, this “cool tool” is for you!

I’ve found a fabulous solution to backups (and can sleep peacefully at night).  :)

Mozy!  It’s an extremely secure online backup system.  When I say secure, we’re talking 448-bit Blowfish on-disk encryption and you can even keep your own key. The first backup takes a while as it encrypts and copies everything you’d asked it to, but after that it’s smart enough to save only the new files and files you’ve changed, and it does it all in the background.

You can choose from home or business accounts, and even get 2 GB free! Perfect for just backing up the most important files. Click the logo for more details.

I like it so much I’ve got a MozyPro account!

2GB Totally Free Online Backup! Compliments of Mozy

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