Do You Know the Real Reason You’re Losing Sales?

Guest Post by Therese Skelly of Happy in Business

TheresePurpleDress It only takes 2 seconds to have a prospect decide to not work with you!

It’s like you have them… and then they slip through your fingers. Let me tell you why.

You’ve done all the prep work and you actually have an interested prospect on the phone with you.

And when they turn around and ask you how you work.  Then the big question that can cause this ‘make-or-break moment to happen.’

They ask you what your fees are.

And it is right in this precise moment that you can let that sale slip away.

But if they leave, it won’t be because your fees are too high, or your credentials are lacking.

It will be because there is a part of you (the mindset piece) that may not fully be in alignment with the thing you are offering. Sure… you can roll lower priced programs out all day, but try quoting the higher fees? Maybe you rock at this already, but if you are like most people… there is a little glitch! (Heck, even people who make $20k a month still suffer from this, so it’s not just a ‘start-up’ issue.)

Here are three reasons why you may be ‘going weak’ and backing down just a bit. (And don’t feel bad if you relate to these… I have done them all!)

1. You have not fully owned your value and understand just how much working with you will be life changing for them.

It takes awhile to really land in a deep way just how valuable you are in the work you do. Many people struggle with this because there is a tendency to have the ‘brilliance in the blind spot’ problem, so while others may see the rock star you are…it may not come as powerfully to you. What to do? Get someone to work with you to discover just how amazing you are, ask clients for testimonials, and stop minimizing the work you do!

2. You are taking responsibility for their financial position.

This is easy to do. You roll out your fees and your prospect launches into how they can’t afford it, or how things have been difficult because of the economy. So instead of coaching them to solutions, the ‘break down’ here is to feel guilty that you want to charge them so much. We have all done this and it doesn’t serve. People find money for things they value. Period. Feeling bad that your rates may make them uncomfortable does not serve them! Work on boundaries around this because when there is ‘skin in the game’ there are often better results.

3. You are not willing to let them go if they are not a good fit.

The most powerful position to be in for the selling conversation is that of taking a stand for yourself, and NOT NEEDING them to become a client. This is critical. You aren’t here to serve everyone, even though you probably think you could! Find that sweet spot of who you love to work with, who can afford you, and then let the other folks be served by someone else.

Here’s what I know to be true… You can learn all the right techniques, from any famous sales guru–but if you don’t look at what’s transpiring between you and your prospect (and what’s happening in your head), none of that training will matter.

So next time you have a prospect in front of you, pay really close attention to what’s going on internally. Are you ‘care-taking’ them in any way? Feeling bad asking them to invest in themselves? The first step in changing anything is awareness, so be noticing what you are doing, how you are feeling, and then you can make the necessary changes. Because when you can master the art of getting clients to say yes, you have shifted to a much better level in your business!

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  1. Hi Therese and Michelle,

    Thanks for the information.

    I don’t remember where I read this but someone said “my client’s bank account is none of my business.” Number 2 is still a challenge for me in my business … shh, don’t tell anyone. I agree with you 100 % people find the money and the time for the things they BELIEVE are important..

    I’ll listen in to hear your suggestions.
    Adalia John recently posted… Spring is a Time For Change: 25 Change AffirmationsMy Profile

    1. Adalia, so well said!
      And I will make sure I address why it’s not only not your place, but how you interfere with growth or their next steps if you hold back a prospect from investing powerfully in themselves!

      A huge lesson, this one is!


    2. That’s great advice. And it’s interesting how many times we can make judgements that are completely out of line with reality, too, when we assume things about clients or potential clients. Have to always leave that decision up to them. :)

  2. Great post, Therese – thank you.

    I recently turned down an opportunity to be someone’s social media consultant, because it’s not a good fit. I’m a dog blogger, they sell products for cats. I will only take on opportunities that are in line with my blog, because I don’t want my time taken away from my blogging – it’s really hitting the big time, I’m not willing to slow down yet!

    Many of my friends say that I lack confidence and I should have taken on the opportunity. They don’t understand that not all money is good money. If this opportunity makes my blog success slow or suffer, then it’s a terrible opportunity. It’s not that I don’t know my value; it’s that I know how to say no when something isn’t a good fit.

    I love that I read this right after reading everyone’s comments. Thank you!
    Kimberly, The Fur Mom recently posted… Keep the Tail Wagging, The Premier Pet Blog for Dog LoversMy Profile

    1. Kimberly,
      You were soooo right!

      But what happens often times is that we don’t have the right support in our lives/businesses, so we get advice like your friends gave.

      They obviously were trying to support you but I so love that you stayed true!

      Right on!!!
      Therese Skelly recently posted… How to Powerfully Sell Your Services, Without Feeling Icky, Sleazy, or InauthenticMy Profile

    2. You’re smart, Kimberly! ;) Not every opportunity is one to take — money or not, it’s got to be a good fit. :)

  3. I LOVE this!! I did not really realize it before but I am SO guilty of number 2. This post is going up on my bulletin board. Thanks for this Michelle!
    Robert Kennedy III recently posted… 5 Reasons I’m Choosing Feedly To Replace Google Reader….For NowMy Profile

    1. Hey Robert,
      Are you coming to the call?
      I’d love you to be able to leave this bad habit in the dust.

      Therese Skelly recently posted… How to Powerfully Sell Your Services, Without Feeling Icky, Sleazy, or InauthenticMy Profile

    2. So glad this was helpful for you, Robert. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  4. Thanks Therese. I’ve had prospects I thought were my ideal clients, but then though they say “You’re worth every penny,” they don’t want to move forward. Sometimes, I’ve gone back and offered another option (at a lower price) and it still doesn’t work for them so I’ve had to let go and realize they weren’t my ideal clients after all.
    Thanks Michelle for sharing Therese’s post with us.
    Debra Jason recently posted… Do You Know the 5 Steps to Copywriting Success? Part 1My Profile

    1. Great point Debra.
      Because our ideal clients can pay!!!

      Hard lessons, but I think it’s critical that we take a stand and own our value.
      Thanks for your perspective.

      Therese Skelly recently posted… How to Powerfully Sell Your Services, Without Feeling Icky, Sleazy, or InauthenticMy Profile

    2. You’re definitely worth every penny, Debra. :) Sometimes letting go is the smartest option though.

  5. Powerful post Therese. This might be hard for some people to do, however it’s very necessary. Working with the right clients is important if you want to have peace of mind. We spend many hours working so it’s important to work with the right people.
    Neil Butterfield recently posted… Identifying MSG and how to avoid itMy Profile

    1. Neil,

      You are right!
      Why spend time with people who aren’t the right fit.

      Thanks for stopping by.

      Therese Skelly recently posted… How to Powerfully Sell Your Services, Without Feeling Icky, Sleazy, or InauthenticMy Profile

    2. Totally agree with you both. Life is too short to spend unhappy and stressed. AND we get better results for clients who are a perfect fit. :)

  6. Great post. I agree with you. It is important to work in good envrionment and with good co-workers if you want to be successdu. Every successful have powerful plans and strategies.

  7. Hello Michelle,
    You really did nailed it with this post. i should put this post in mind and work towards my success. thanks
    babanature recently posted… How To Create A Self Hosted CDN For W3 TOTAL CACHEMy Profile

  8. I can’t take credit, other than for sharing Therese. :) But I agree she’s spot on.
    Michelle Shaeffer recently posted… How to Become a Professional BloggerMy Profile

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