Do You Know Who’s Talking About You on Twitter?

Who's Tweeting About You?

It’s awesome when readers share your content on Twitter, isn’t it?

Do you know when it’s happening so you can connect with your readers and thank them?

If you’ve got sharing buttons on your website, make sure they include “RT @you” or “via @you”

That way you can find them by searching your Twitter ID or checking your Activity page on Twitter.

Here’s how to set that up in different sharing button plugins:

SexyBookmarks by Shareaholic

Click here to watch this video on YouTube:


Click here to watch this video on YouTube:


Click here to watch this video on YouTube:

Squawking Bird Credit: fizzgig/StockFresh

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  1. That’s funny, I’ve been wondering for a while ways to see who is sharing (tweeting, digging, etc.) my content so that I can better engage them. Great info, Michelle.

    1. Thanks, and glad this was helpful, Wailea.
      Michelle Shaeffer recently posted… Three Quick & Easy Ways to Get More Traffic From TwitterMy Profile

  2. Thanks for your awesome information. I have been getting a tiny bit savvy about twitter … hmm, I wonder who I have to thank for that? The illustrious @michelleShaeffer and my observation of those, on twitter, who are doing well. A little reverse engineering goes a long way.

    Thank You,
    Adalia John recently posted… Valentine’s Day Quotes: 13 Love Quotes to Express Your LoveMy Profile

    1. That approach really does work, doesn’t it? I love watching how people use Twitter and the results different strategies get. :)
      Michelle Shaeffer recently posted… Do What You CanMy Profile

  3. This is amazing. Thanks for providing this helpful video information.
    Nickty recently posted… HlwMy Profile

  4. This will prove to be very useful for those who have twitter accounts. Twitter will help your business popularity. You have to utilize social networks these days.

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