Do You Need Some Motivation to Keep Blogging?

Do you need motivation to help you blog consistently?  If so, a blog challenge might be just the thing for you!

A Blog Challenge is when a group of bloggers get together and set a goal to post to their blogs daily for a set number of days (for example, one month).  During the challenge they support each other by visiting the blogs of the other participants and leaving comments, tweeting and sharing their posts, and interacting.

Participating in a blog challenge can help you stay motivated and connect with others who share your goal.  It can also help you make connections and get to know other bloggers.

One of the most obvious benefits of a blog challenge is the big boost in traffic that can happen when you have others visiting your blog who want to support you and help you promote your blog.

But there are many other benefits!

Confidence: Completing a blog challenge helps builds your confidence that you can come up with ideas and information to share.  You’ll also find that the extra interaction with other bloggers will build your confidence as you see them reading and offering feedback on what you’re sharing on your blog.

You’ll make connections with a variety of people.  Some may turn into great friends.  Others may be your next customer, or the next person you hire!  You’ll also find the connection build your personal rolodex of people you can refer friends, colleagues and family to when they’re looking for specific help or information.  You may even end up meeting your next joint venture partner or star affiliate salesperson.

Creative Solutions: Got a problem or challenge you’ve run into with your blog?  Ask the blog challenge members and chances are someone’s got the answer.  Together we’re smarter than any one of us alone.

Content: 30 or 31 days worth of blog posts gives you a lot of content that you can re-purpose into other formats for your business.  Turn it into a free series of emails (an e-course) about the topic you blogged about and use it to build your list.  Make it into an ebook.  Use it as a basis for your next book.  Convert the posts into articles.  Use the content in your newsletter.  So many possibilities!

Goals are easier to achieve when you are surrounded by support – so find a blog challenge group and let them help you achieve your goal of blogging consistently for 30 days!

Sound good?  Get yourself over to and get registered!  :)

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  1. Okay, I’ve got a question about the blog challenge. I’ve been tempted to try, but I was scared that it would be only for professional blogs. I’ve got a personal blog and a “green” blog (environmental topics, in french) but I’m not blogging professionally. Would I fit?

    1. Yes, you’re welcome to join! :) The only specific rule on content is that the blog should be family friendly (PG). Non-English blogs are also welcome, and WordPress plugins like would allow those of us who aren’t bilingual to read a translation of it if that’s something you’re interested in. You can choose which translation engine and they’re not perfect but they’re usually pretty good–enough to understand the basics of the blog post. I believe we’ve got a participant blogging in Spanish as well. It would be great to have a variety of languages involved!

  2. Keeping the blog challenge is really hard for few people but the only thing that I have learned is that, keep doing the good work.

    1. It’s a challenge, but one step at a time we can do it. :)

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