1. Michelle, this post …
    wow. June has brought me bad news almost every day. My grandmother’s stroke, her death 2 weeks later, my best friend grieving her children being at their dads’ and disappearing when I was grieving my grandmother, rats in my garage, my dog’s food allergy (let’s just say yuck), my neighbor breaking my lawnmower, my sales have dropped off dramatically… and although I am not a crier, I have cried more nights than not this month.
    Yet the loss of one friend seems to have opened the flood gates for others. The harsh words of the best friend before disappearing are recovered by my boyfriend who isn’t romantic sent a silly poem in a text just because I asked.

    Thank you Michelle.
    ~ MJ Schrader
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  2. That’s a lot to deal with at once! ((hugs)) It is amazing the small gestures that can make such a difference though – like a silly poem. :) You have a great outlook on what sounds like a really tough month.

  3. {{{THANK YOU}}}
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