Dreams of Living at the Library

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Today I let myself get lost over at Copyblogger for a bit.  It’s okay though, that was my “better blog” action step for today.  (Action step #7 if you’re following along.)

Dreams of living at the library

It reminded me of wandering the library when I was a kid, admiring all the shelves packed full of books, wondering how long it would take to read every one of them and whether or not I could convince my parents to let me live there.  (They said no. Repeatedly. I kept asking.)

So much knowledge in one place

Copyblogger has the same effect on me.  I try not to hop over to the site unless my RSS reader shows something I already have on my list to learn.  That way I’m only reading what I can take action on.  But today I just let myself explore their posts on writing in general.

Taking action toward a goal

One of my goals this year is to improve my writing.  To do that, I can’t just write more (although that helps!), I’ve also got to continue learning from successful writers.  So Copyblogger will be one of my new best friends this year.

Last fall I took Lisbeth Tanz‘s Article Marketing Success Weekend.  I don’t consider myself a slacker in article marketing.  I’ve completed Ezine Articles’ Hundred Articles in a Hundred Days Challenge and I get decent traffic from my article marketing.  But after her class my click through rates went up significantly, and my headlines improved.  Be open to learning more.  A good teacher can show you your blind spots, what you aren’t doing yet, what you need to stop doing, and make a big difference in the end results you achieve.  Because often we just don’t realize what we don’t know!

Here were my favorites

If you’re looking for ways to improve your writing, I recommend these posts/pages over there:

What’s your learning goal this year?  What are you seeking to improve?

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  1. Thank you Michelle! I wanted to improve my article writing this year and here is what I need! Awesome.. MJ Schrader

    1. You’ll love their site, MJ. It’s full of great info.

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  3. Thanks for sharing the posts! I’m off to check out the 8 simple ways to get more people to read.

    1. That was a good one! But then, everything at Copyblogger is… lol

  4. I spent a *lot* of time at the library as a kid–books were my best friends. I still remember (dimly) my frustration that New York Public Library would not give me a library card until I could write my name and therefore had to wait for a parent to come with me before I could get books. When I could finally do so, around age 6, I’d been reading for three years. Almost 50 years later, I’m still a voracious reader.

    My mom was so thrilled when NYPL lifted the 6-book-at-a-time limit. For years, she went every two weeks with a SHOPPING CART!

  5. Michelle,

    I am afraid I get lost on Copyblogger too. Simone is one of my favorite writers and I always learn something new. My favorite is Weds. I can listen to Brians audio while I work. Plus I am like you, I can always learn more and I might as well learn from some of the best.

    It sounds like you are moving right along on your goals for this year. I admire you for that.

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