Dress It Up Anyway You Want–It Still Says “Woof”

Photo Credit: http://www.bigstockphoto.com/profile/Willee%20Cole

Ever get an awesome idea for a blog post or article, note the title idea, find the perfect photo, and save it as a draft to finish up later… then forget what you were going to write about?

I know the photo perfectly illustrated my point but I can’t remember what it was!

So, after a week of trying to recall it I’ve decided to do something more fun.  This is my open invitation to you to submit your topic ideas and get featured on my blog.

What would you write about given the headline and oh-so-adorable photo on the left?

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  1. Yet we all dream of suger plum fairies!

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  3. Michelle, what a great picture. That dog is so cute. LOL If it were me I’d say the title and picture should be geared toward a website that needs to be updated or completely revamped by a VA or web designer.
    Corrie Petersen recently posted… How can a Virtual Assistant help me with Blog ManagementMy Profile

  4. I don’t have any fabulous blogging topics, but the pic is adorable…and how I feel lately. All dressed up, great intentions, utterly exhausted. :)
    Angie recently posted… Holiday Networking- It Is That Time of YearMy Profile

  5. Hmmm. Great idea! Love the picture. Just for the record, I don’t dress my animals. :)

    One idea I had is about web design and content. You can have the flashiest site around, but if you content stinks, then what’s the point?

    Another could be a similar idea about customer service. You can make all the promises you want – but if you don’t deliver, then you might as well not waste your breath.

    Thanks for the fun brain exercise this morning! ;)
    Lisbeth Tanz recently posted… An Article Writing PrimerMy Profile

  6. I would write about ‘Work Got You Down? Take a Princess Retreat’ The idea being giving your readers tips to destress.

    How about you? I think you did a pretty good job with this post – the title made me click just to see what you were talking about. :)
    Sara recently posted… Upcycle a Tissue Roll into a Mini ScrapbookMy Profile

  7. Oooooh lots of great ideas! I may have to do a Dog Fairy week of posts now… :)

  8. What you were going to write is that a blog can be dressed up with a great theme, relevant ads, expert SEO, and whiz-bang marketing, but if the content isn’t quality it won’t get anywhere – it’ll still “be a dog”. :o)

    ~Amy Sue <- loves good writing, can you tell?
    Amy Sue recently posted… Holiday Party Tips and SweepstakesMy Profile

    1. “All Dressed Up and No Place To Go”
      Sheila Atwood recently posted… Masters Of The WebMy Profile

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  10. Hmmm. I think it’s about authenticity, or being real. It’s important to be who you are without “dressing it up,” or trying to look like something you’re not.
    Leanne Chesser recently posted… Small Biz Christmas- Gifts for Your Home Business!My Profile

  11. […] topic of taking time out for yourself to de-stress was on my list to blog about this week with the cute, dressed up dog theme…  Yes, I see the […]

  12. “I’ve practiced so many Pirouettes this week, I’m too tired to perform.”
    (Write about “getting ready to get ready” and never
    really doing the activities that move your business forward)

    “Let’s face the music. Ballet is for Whippets, not Shar-Pei’s!”
    (Write about tapping into your skills and following your
    passion – being uniquely you.)

    “I don’t know. what do you think? Is pink really my color?”
    (Write about choosing the right niche and target audience)

    I got a million of ’em! But I don’t want to hog all the space here. :)

    Love this post!

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