Encouraging Comments on Your Blog

I’ve been looking into ways to encourage blog comments and found a couple of very cool plugins to share.

Comment Relish
Allows you to send a thank you note to new commenters on your blog. This plugin requires installing with FTP instead of through your WordPress admin (or you’ll get an error about headers). If you want to see how it works, just add your comment to this post and it will send you a note.
Download Here

Subscribe to Comments
Give your commenters the choice to subscribe so they’re notified of new comments to the same post they’ve commented on.
Download Here

What do you do to encourage comments on your blog? What motivates you to post a comment on a blog?

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  1. Testing out the “comment relish” feature. Do you ever get any spam complaints?

  2. I haven’t yet – possibly because so far my blog comments mostly have been from my ezine subscribers and people I’ve worked with personally online so they are less likely to hit “spam” on the email. Thinking more about it though I’ve added a new line to my thank you email:

    “Don’t worry, you haven’t been added to any lists and this is a one-time only thank you email. :)”

    I’ll post an update though if I end up needing to remove the comment relish plugin. On their site it looked like comments were evenly split and I’m betting it has a lot to do with the readers/target market and how in touch we are with our readers in other ways (ezine, twitter, facebook, etc) as well as what’s in the email. I’m not trying to sell/spam/promote anything in mine. Just a quick thank you.

  3. I like the disclaimer…that should take care of it, especially as you say for the folks who know us!

    Thanks for sharing this plugin :)
    Terri Z

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