Entrepreneurs – Is Everything You’re Learning Useless?

Do you get discouraged feeling like no matter how much time you invest in learning you aren’t moving forward and seeing results in your business?  You might be caught in one of these two very common entrepreneurial traps!

The first trap is called “non-implementation-itis” and happens when we keep learning, seeking out new information, amassing vast amounts of knowledge… and not applying it to our businesses.

Do you have “non-implementation-itis”?  You might if…

  • You’re reading 20 blogs a day, spending lots of time learning from them, but haven’t found time to actually apply that new knowledge to your business.  When you read about that great marketing idea or new blog plugin, did you stop and add it to your marketing plan or website?
  • You’re buying information products and not seeing a return on your investment because you were too busy to take action on what you learned from the audio or ebook.
  • You’re subscribed to dozens of high quality newsletters but feel totally overwhelmed after reading them all and not sure which you should follow first.

The cure for “non-implementation-itis” is to REDUCE, FOCUS, and ACT.  First, reduce the amount of information you’re processing.  All that great learning is worthless if you don’t have time to apply it.  Then, focus.  By focusing on one area of your business or one mentor at a time you can learn and implement immediately.  Finally, act on what you’ve focused on.  Taking fast action is key.  Implement as you go.

The second trap is called “ooh-shiny-itis” (also know as “Shiny Object Syndrome” or “Attention Deficit… oooh Shiny Disorder”) and happens when you learn, apply, then learn, apply, then learn, apply… and each “apply” is something totally different that you stick to only for a day, week or month, so you’re not really applying it in an effective way.

You might have “ooh-shiny-itis” if your marketing includes submitting an article or two every six months; sending out your newsletter one week, then five weeks later, again in two days, then six months later; posting for a week in a niche forum then losing interest… and so on, jumping from strategy to strategy with no consistent plan.

Or it may show symptoms in your business.  If you switch focus every month or two and are a business coach this month, next month a personal life coach, then you do local work only, or start a totally different business project you may have “ooh-shiny-itis.”

The cure for “ooh-shiny-itis” is to CREATE and STICK TO a business and marketing plan.  You’ll have to work to discipline yourself so that you can conquer this trap and make progress in your business.

Escape these two traps and you’ll start seeing bigger results from what you’re learning.

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  1. Hi Michelle! You caught me with that last one!! Though I do try to find ways to integrate most of what I do online, I do sometimes chase after the next new fascinating thing. And sometimes I get bored when I stick with something for a while and need a break.

    Though I never get bored with being a healer, I sometimes get bored writing about it.

    You were the first person I thought of after reading your Sunday challenge!! You have taught me A LOT just during this blog challenge.

    Jeanine Byers Hoag recently posted… Are You Living in Constant Flight-or-FightMy Profile

  2. This is good information and a good reminder for us to take focused action. I know what you are talking about. I was in the first category for a long time and still have a large file of unread material. I finally picked about 5 newsletters I wanted to follow and canceled the rest. That was the focus part–the next step was to act which can be motivated merely by the need for income! I think the common denominator for both is discipline.
    Jeannette Koczela recently posted… Your Personal Success Formula- Part 2My Profile

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