Get to Success Faster–What I’ve Learned Works for Blogging

Do you want to know…

  • The best way to monetize your blog, whether you’re brand new or have an audience?
  • How to effectively get the right traffic to your blog?
  • Why you need readers to share your blog, how to encourage them to do it, and the simplest way to be sure your social sharing icons never say “0 shares”?
  • Whether your blog should be based on your passions, or a money making idea, or something else entirely?
  • What I’d do differently if I started my blog today and why?
  • The quickest way to figure out what to write about that people want to read?

Check out this interview with Sushant Misra of TrepTalks, it’s available in video and audio, as well as a written transcript so you can choose what format you prefer:


Click here to listen in to the interview:

Leave us a comment (over there) with any questions you’ve got from our chat or share your own experiences of what you’ve found works!

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