Five Steps to Transform Your Home Office into a Sanctuary on a Budget

With just a bit of work and creativity, you can transform your home office into a space that you feel energized by and enjoy spending time in.

Remove and Declutter

Give yourself permission to declutter your space and remove anything that makes you feel anxious or that you’ve been tolerating but don’t love.

Organize Everything

Take time to plan out what you need in your space, then organize it in a way that supports your needs. Arrange your various office furniture (desk, shelves, storage cubbies, etc) so it’s easy to access what you use most frequently.

Keep your office supplies and desk organized as well. You’ll save time, feel more relaxed, and enjoy your office space more when you know exactly where things are.

Artwork to Inspire

Beautiful things on the walls can lift your spirits or serve to keep you centered and focused.

You can often find inexpensive frames at secondhand shops or discount retailers. Just replace what’s in them.

Some ideas for budget-friendly wall decor include:
– your own photography
– artwork by your children
– recycled postcards or calendar pages
– inspirational quotes

Another great way to inspire yourself with wall decor is to create an inexpensive vision board or story board with items and photographs significant to your own personal journey and goals.

Create an Ambiance

Surround yourself with the scents and sounds that help you feel motivated and strong.

Consider these items for your office:
– candles
– incense
– reed or oil diffusers
– soft music

Add Life

Bring life into your home office space and you may find it improves your health and productivity. Live plants bring beauty into your space and clean your air. A goldfish (or other fish) can help you relax.

What are you waiting for? Create your home office sanctuary and make your space a place you love.

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  1. I like inspiring things in front of me – like my goals, my ideal client profiles and my vision board.

    Other than that I really LOVE a decluttered and organised space because I feel CRAZY if things are messy!

  2. I have always worked among organized chaos. But I am trying to put things on computer disks and dumping them into a safe deposit box. I have always worked in paper intensive businesses. I was an examiner for the feds for 14 years before they really started to organize everything on computers….we were awash in paper and everything was a priority.. Then I was a realtor for 20 years. Ha! Talk about paper! And multi-tasking!. Now, I do everything but actually make the jewelry at our custom jewelry design studio. And once again there is lots of paper. So, I have tried to make my home office comfortable and a refuge. I painted the room in a very soft pink toned beige which is warm and soothing in the sunlight. And I treated myself to a set of 3 large matching wooden bookcases. They each have 5 shelves and a center drawer. And I am refining my filing system. Candy helped me out by peeing on the large sofa sleeper- so that was removed from the home office/house. And in it’s place was put an oversized leather chair and ottoman. I have plans to create a wall of photos and drawings next to the wall where the computer is. And slowly, more paper is getting properly filed, thrown out or stored on disks. My home office is the smallest of our three bedrooms but it is slowly getting organized! And part of that comes from being inspired by people like Michelle.

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