Focus: Your Business Needs a Personal Ad!

Whether it’s print ads in the newspaper or the matching programs online, personal ads are a popular way to find a person to share your life with.

A personal ad is designed to be a short, attention grabbing description of who you are and what you’re looking for. To work well, they’ve got to be honest and to the point.

Most start with a few key facts about the seeker (relationship status, ethnicity, female/male, age, location) and who they’re seeking (relationship status, ethnicity, female/male, age, location). Throw in some details about interests, hobbies, or general life experiences. State any specifics about who you definitely aren’t interested in. Add your contact information. You’ve got yourself a personal ad.

Just like a personal ad express who you are and who you’re looking for, your marketing should help you do the same. Not everyone is your ideal target. You’re not the ideal business to serve everyone. Acknowledge that, and you’ll be a step ahead on your marketing. It’s important to know who you *aren’t* looking for, as well as who you *are* looking for.

Now, It’s time to write a personal ad for your business!

1) Describe Your Business. Who is your business? What does your business offer? In 1 or 2 sentences describe what service you provide or products you sell.

2) Ideal Customer. Who is your ideal customer? Imagine the perfect customer in detail–female/male, age, marital status, children, occupation, interests, etc. If you have trouble with this step, look over your customer/client list and think about the ones who were wonderful to work with or who gained the most from your services.

3) Get Specific, Succinctly. If you had to pick three of the top results customers/clients gain by doing business with you, what would they be? Think results, not features. A good place to look if you get stuck is to the testimonials and thank you notes customers/clients send. What do they mention most often about their experiences with your business?

4) Skip Me If… Some customers/clients can be better served by another business. Who are they? This isn’t necessarily something you want to mention in your advertising, but it’s something you definitely want to keep in mind so you don’t advertise or market in the wrong places.

5) Please Call. How can customers/clients make contact with you? Offer easy options to reach you for business!

One more thought–a common joke about personal ads is the exaggeration that often happens – while it’s okay to accentuate the positive, never over-promise or be dishonest when describing what you offer or the results you or your products help deliver. Focus on building long-term customer relationships so that customers not only purchase once (and leave disappointed like the blind date that just wasn’t what you expected) but become regulars who also refer friends and family.

When you’ve finished writing a “personal ad” for your business with these five steps you’ll have a short and sweet reminder that will help you focus your marketing efforts in the right places to get results and help more of the right people. Next time you aren’t sure if a marketing strategy or opportunity is right, read over your ad and see if you’re reaching the right people in the right place.

Got thoughts? Want to share what you’ve written for your business? Come leave a comment on the blog!

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