Free Software for Online Business Owners

Here are some of the free software tools I use, that you might like, too.

I’d love to hear in the comments what you use that you like.

Chrome or Firefox for Web Browsing – Always good to check your website in multiple browsers just to make sure it displays nicely and works properly.

Avast for Antivirus Protection – Don’t skip antivirus protection!  If you’re on a budget (or just don’t like some of those other options out there…) check out Avast.  Free for personal/home computers and affordable for business.

Notepad++ for Text Editing – This is a great little program for editing various types of text files.  I use it to edit html, php, etc.

Filezilla for FTP – My favorite free file transfer program for Windows.

Open Office – Awesome free suite of tools including a word processor, spreadsheet, and more.  Good alternative to the standard office suite of programs.

Audacity for Audio Editing – With audacity you can easily record your own mp3 files and share them on your website.

GIMP for Image Editing – A nice alternative to Photoshop.  Has a learning curve but it’s a very powerful image editor.  (Paint.NET and are two more cool options.)

CamStudio for Video Editing – A free option for recording your own videos.  It’s got a few bugs, but overall works really well and you can’t beat the price.

WordPress for Website Building – You knew this was coming, right?  WordPress just rocks.

Focus Booster – This is a cool little timer you can use to work in 25 minute increments.  Just sits on your desktop.

You can find more great open source software at, and

What are your favorite free software program or online tools?

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  1. My favorite is to convert Word documents to PDF’s – a must before you upload them to your site or set them to go out on your autoresponder. The best is:

    You can convert 1 document every half hour for free. Plus, you don’t have to download any buggy or potentially virusy software. Just click and send. It will also send files directly to your email if you add that. I added my email over a year ago, and have never had any issues (or spam from them).
    Michelle Amethyst Mahoney recently posted… Three Quick Tips to Skyrocket Your SalesMy Profile

  2. i am happy that filezilla works for mac too :)
    and i am also using cyberduck for ftp.

    openoffice is great

    have to check out the other stuff.

  3. I use most of those. Here’s a couple of others that are lesser known that I use. for tracking recurring tasks and your consistency. for simple project management. in combination with another CRM to get ALL of my social media contacts (I don’t like the ongoing CRM side of it but it has let me pull the contacts from all my social media sources to import into my other CRM).

  4. Thanks for the list Michelle. I always get at least one thing from your list to add to my list. This time around it’s Focus Booster. I need a friendly reminder to STEP away from the computer. I am familiar with all the other tools on your list. I use both Firefox and Chrome. – 3d package is a 3d-box graphic generator that lets you instantly create 3d-box images online. It’s Free.
    Adalia John recently posted… 9 Things I Do For Earth Day Every DayMy Profile

  5. Nice list, Currently I’m using Avast and Filezilla from your list. Plus both browsers Firefox and Chrome. :)
    Aasma recently posted… MLM Software in Delhi Noida IndiaMy Profile

  6. There are some good tools there. Although some are quite common not enough people know about the likes of gimp or filezilla. You can also get free firewalls to accompany your antvirus software. The likes of comoddo and zonealarm are quite popular.

    Great informative post.
    Craig recently posted… 3 of the best free firewallsMy Profile

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