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Businessman and business organisation scheme. The Business and Marketing for Good Telesummit starts tomorrow, April 21st, and brings you free training on topics including how to get media publicity, go green to save money in your business, stand out with humor, market to introverts and so much more, all through the filter of doing business in an ethical way.

Business is not evil.  Through our work we can create and contribute to positive solutions for the biggest challenges of our time.

I’m one of those “crazy” people who really believe that business can be GOOD, that it can create POSITIVE change in our communities and world, if we choose to build businesses with an intentional focus on sustainability, ethics, and cooperation.

Created by green business profitability expert and marketer Shel Horowitz you’ll learn to stand-out and get noticed with creative, unique marketing methods and approaches to business, including:

  • high-end animated video for charity
  • blogging and community building
  • innovative approaches to media publicity
  • infusing humor and creating stories that sell
  • authenticity and consciousness in business

You’ll learn from successful entrepreneurs including:

  • Ivan Misner, founder of BNI
  • Marcia Yudkin, expert on marketing to introverts
  • Joel Makower of
  • Jay Conrad Levinson, Father of Guerrilla Marketing

Get all the details and access info here:

Here’s a little more detail on the schedule and what you’ll learn:

Monday, April 21
Shel Horowitz opens the series with an overview of each call–as well as the eight powerful bonus calls you get if you choose to buy the recordings. This call is open without restriction. All the others air on one day (or as part of the recording package).

Jay Conrad Levinson (Father of Guerrilla Marketing):
Turning the Guerrilla Marketing Mindset to the Green World (recorded at his home before his recent death but never before aired).

Tuesday, April 22
Joel Makower (founder of Big Business is Becoming Green Business. How some of the biggest companies in the world are going green…when we should trust them and when we should not…how ordinary folks can influence them.

Michelle Shaeffer: Master Blogger’s Secrets to Build Community and Create Action. From humble beginnings as a Virtual Assistant, Michelle has built a powerful business and reputation and a very loyal following in the work-at-home mom crowd.

Wednesday, April 23
Brendan Wilson: Slashing Trash AND Trash Costs: Brendan’s model is simple: He saves you money on your trash hauling costs, and you pay him a percentage of what he saves you–no payment up front.

Steve Bhaerman, a/k/a Swami Beyondananda: Humor for Global Change. The world-renowned comic on how laughter can change the world.

Thursday, April 24
Marcia Yudkin: Marketing To Introverts. Marcia reveals the mistakes many entrepreneurs make in ignoring or alienating this surprisingly large market segment.

Troy White: Storyselling–Marketing that People Can’t Ignore. How to frame a marketing message as a story and get the emotional resonance that leads people to buy.

Monday, April 28
Harry McAlister: Animations with A Message. Using short but slick video animations to compellingly present the stories of charities, green businesses, and other forward-thinking organizations.

Rena Nicole: Authenticity in the Media. Former model and actress talks about how she, as a woman of color, broke out of the stereotypes and followed her heart to create a green-focused TV show and magazine.

Tuesday, April 29
Dean Cycon: Running a Superconscious Business. UN-honored coffee entrepreneur who started his company as a way of helping indigenous people goes well beyond 100% organic and fair-trade, and beyond typical community development projects. He even walked away from a contract worth millions because it didn’t meet his environmental criteria.

Allen Rathey: Healthy Green Homes/Green Biz in Conservative Place. Is a green home always a healthy home, and vice-versa? The answer may surprise you. The president of the Healthy House Institute discusses both healthy green living and what it’s like to run an environmental business in a very conservative area (Idaho, US).

Wednesday, April 30
Christophe Poizat and Tsufit: Building Successful Internet Communities. How to build online communities of more than 8000 (Christophe) and 2000 (Tsufit), and keep the members involved and engaged.

Thursday, May 1
Dr. Ivan Misner: The Ultimate Face-to-Face Marketing System. The founder of BNI, a business networking organization with more than 6000 chapters that generates several billion dollar in referral business reveals secrets of successful networking.

Marcia Reece: Mega-Impact Media Secrets that Even Publicists Don’t Know. Her very first appearance on national TV landed her clients like Toys ‘R Us, and she’s still at it. Even a publicity expert like Shel took an entire page of notes when he listened to her.

Friday, May 2
Ana Weber: Loving Mondays, Finding Passion, Shifting Hats. Ana has squeezed about five lives’ worth into one. She shares great information about making the best of very high-stress situations (such as starting all over as a penniless immigrant in a new country–TWICE) and creating opportunity where others see only misfortune. She’s a master both at building relationships that make people want to do nice things for her and at putting systems in place so the work gets done on time, within budget, and properly.

Tom Antion interviews Shel Horowitz: Business For a Better World. How businesses can make a real difference on issues like hunger and poverty, war, and catastrophic climate change–and how it is very much in the interest of the business to get involved, both to make the world better, and to help the bottom line.

Get all the details and access info here:

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